What To Think Of When Searching For Your Next Accounting Software

Many different software is available in today’s world of possibilities over the Internet. Not only is software meant for the local market, but software is available from a foreign market to the international arena. These opportunities have grown greatly due to the many possibilities to market products with a different focus. One example is to search for the word “Business Software Directory” on Google. You will find many hits, and some software directories are good for local and international marketing.

Accounting Software

Just using search engines to find the best accounting software is hard. Searching for “Accounting Software” on Google will give you more than 18 million hits. This is why looking through the business software directories is good. Usually, most people don’t rely on just one manual but go to a few software directories to ensure they have found a good amount to look through. So, where should we start? We know where to find the software, but shouldn’t we start elsewhere?


It is important to understand what you are looking for. Many people start looking for accounting software but have no idea what they will use it for.

The complexity of the software, how to use it, and what is so important that you have to start doing a small pre-study before starting to look for the new software.

It is the same as when you want to purchase a car. Perhaps you live in the countryside with many bad roads. Then, it might be important for you to have a four-wheel-drive jeep. If this is one of the criteria, looking for a small car perfect for driving in the city would be a waste of time.

Some questions you might want to ask to find the best accounting software for you might be: Do you want to use the accounting software for forecasting? Do you want the invoicing to be done from the accounting software? Should the time reports of the personnel be done in the accounting software, or perhaps should the current system be integrated into the new system?

Do you have stock that needs to be considered? If so, should you keep inventory in the accounting software? You won’t likely see purchase orders in the accounting software, which also means you will have to organize your cash book.

These questions are just some minor questions to get you started. The complexity of the accounting software depends he on the size of the organization you are working. The larger the organization, the more complex modules you might want to include in the same system. On the other hand, if you are in a large organization, you most likely want to use different methods for different purposes and then integrate them.

If you work for a small company, you will likely want to put as much as possible into the system. Many companies, though, fall into the trap of forecasting extremely high growth, meaning you want to have as much as possible in the system. However, this isto do in most situations.

Of course, in most situations, you should think about and predict the near future and purchase the accounting software that fits your organization for that future. But don’t overdo it. It would help if you thought that the more complex the system, the more time you spend on it.

Working in a large organization is different because purchasing and implementing the new system is time-consuming and expensive. It could take 1-2 years from the pre-study until the new system is fully implemented. This means you need to predict the future a lot initially, not start a new purchase process once the new system is ready to run.

Purchasing new software usually takes a lot of time because it is common not to think about what you want. By creating a good requirement specification, you will make the evaluation process so much smoother. After completing your requirement specification, go to a business software directory with good search and filter possibilities with extensive product information.

This will help you to shortlist the candidates for your new accounting software. After this, visit the vendors’ home pages and discuss your requirements. Let them show you an online demo to understand why their system benefits you.

Also, think about what kind of attention they are giving you. Is this a partner that you can live with in the future? Are they providing good and quick support? Are they open to your suggestions of enhancements for the product, etc.?

It is not always easy to find the best accounting software for you. But, beginning to think about what you are looking for will help you research. Use the tools and resources that are available for you on the Internet. These are specifically designed for your purposes and are most often free for you to use.

Mattias Lind is CEO at Buissy.com Ltd, a B2B Marketplace for Business Software that includes software for numerous categories and allows purchasers to find and compare software that best suits their company.


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