Shopping for a Gamer

There is a lot to recognize approximately video games and the online game industry. Purchasing video games, consoles and accessories for your friends and family may be daunting for first-time video game buyers. Here are a few guidelines and suggestions to make vacation shopping faster and greater effect. Tip #1: Terminology Holiday requests will come […]

Is the Kindle 2 Worth the Money?

With so many humans developing a buzz approximately the Kindle 2, it turned into only a count of time that every other business enterprise would create their personal version and strive to drag it off as better than the Kindle 2, or as a minimum comparable to. The element is though, earlier than you are […]

Playstation Portable Firmware and PSP Home Brew

The PlayStation Portable is a jack of all trades. It plays tune, films, browses the Internet, and performs video games. However, for increasingly human beings, this nevertheless is not sufficient. With its effective dual-processor configuration and Memory Stick Pro Duo slot, the PSP is a pocket powerhouse, capable of plenty extra than just gaming and […]

Why I Think The XBox 360 Is Better Than PS3

Halloween is over and the Holiday 2007 income push is officially on for video game manufacturers. This is a pivotal time for Sony and Microsoft. While Microsoft is trying to increase their cutting-edge lead in Next Generation hardware sales with games like Mass Effect and Halo three, Sony is just seeking to get back in […]

How the PlayStation Changed the Game

In the early nineties, Nintendo changed into the undisputed king of the online game industry. SEGA had attempted to compete with the NES and the SNES home consoles with their Master System and Mega Drive, and while the latter did plenty higher than the former, Nintendo has been nevertheless firmly in the first vicinity once […]