Perfect Car Insurance Options for Your Deals Here

Car insurance is a rather complicated topic; at times, even brilliant and organized people are brought into a state of stupor. The only reason is stereotypes.

Rule number 1. Choose the right company!

Car Insurance

The insurance company should have a period of work in the market for as long as possible – this will give you at least some kind of guarantee that the company will not disappear and not go bankrupt. For affordable auto insurance, this is important.

Car on a pile of coins

In addition to the period of presence on the market, there are other criteria. For car owners, the most critical are: Presence is in the company’s staff of insurance commissioners and the speed of their arrival at the scene of an accident. Often in the middle of the insurance commissars are middle-class lawyers whose education can greatly help traffic police representatives even in the early stages. Of course, this service is far from free, but in case of problems with the law, it pays very well;

Presence is also in the company of professional lawyers who assist in collecting and filing a package of documents with the State Traffic Safety Inspectorate. Again, this saves you from many problems and possibly from additional costs. Unlike the previous paragraph, this solution is more common and sometimes even included in the basic insurance package. However, even if it is not so, it is worthwhile to think about purchasing this service;

Evaluation of damage to the car after an accident

There is a possibility of compensating for minor damages without certificates from the traffic police. This is important because the glass is often damaged in small accidents, and the body is slightly less frequent. If the damage is minimal, most adequate companies pay them without any questions (the usual solution: all the windows plus body damage cost no more than 5% of the car’s cost), but some will require a certificate for each scratch;

Promptness of compensation for damage

A normal solution is to compensate for damage within 7-12 days. Of course, this is not 2-3 days, as in some Western companies, but, on the other hand, their prices are much higher;

The possibility of remote settlement of losses

A handy option allows you to send a car to a service center, even if the insurance company does not have a certificate yet, saving you a couple of days. Also, it is worth paying attention to the car’s depreciation policy – most insurance companies reduce the estimated value over time.


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