How to Write Articles to Advertise Your Blog

One of the best blogging tips you could ever get is how to write articles to advertise your blog and attract masses of traffic to it. This tip applies not only to promoting blogs but also to advertising your Squidoo lens, your Facebook page, or even your YouTube videos.

Advertise Your Blog

Blogging Tip #1 – Consider your Language

not. The first problem that the majority of the online world has is that they cannot write in English: they can communicate in written English but not write a readable are. Lots of people think they can write well, but in fact, they cannot. icle. A badly written email or blog might work if the message is good and easily understandable, but not an article.

This is a shame because not only do most internet users not understand English, but they also have a lot to offer to us that do. The only advice I can give to you is to hire an article ghostwriter to write for you. That will likely cost you money, but not if you strike a deal, whereby they write your article in return for you translating one of theirs into your language and submitting it in your country.

I am on the lookout for these deals all the time because it can be a great advantage to communicate with people online in their own language, particularly if you have something to sell them! That is blogging tip #1: communicate as effectively as possible, even in different languages, if you can make it happen.

Tip #2 – Convey the Right Message


If you want to advertise your blog, you should know how to write articles so that they convey the message of your blog. Thus, if you blog about training cats, you should write about how you trained your cat to take the dog for a walk. This can be done in two ways: Seriously, in which case you will make a fortune, or jokingly, in which case you will give your readers a laugh, and that will help to persuade them to return.

Not only that, but you will get a good Comments thread going about how cats can be trained to take dogs for a walk. Cats could even feed dogs, and many do but not in the way intended. The secret is to write in such a fashion as to interest people, even if what you write seems silly. Monty Python became a worldwide phenomenon because of its silliness, and the same was true of Basil Fawlty, the Three Stooges, and Laurel and Hardy.

Tip #3 – You Cannot Be Serious! – Can You?

If you can’t be silly, be serious. But then you have to be 100% accurate because your readers will be serious people – some even look for faults in your writing, in either grammar or content. Write authoritatively on the topic of your blog. If you don’t know that much, get your content online and change it to uniquely yours. The point is that you are offering useful and serious information that will provide the reader with some benefit: help them solve a problem or save them time in what they are currently working on.

Tip #4 – Write Better than Video

Keep in mind that you are now competing against audio and video. It’s no longer the old days when writing was the only online means of communication. Consider what audio and video cannot provide, and then provide it. I suppose you want an example of what I am referring to?

OK. Take a simple example: you offer statistics such as how much money your product saves customers who purchase it. This has much more impact when presented in bold red letters, perhaps in italics and underlined, than just stated on a video or audio presentation.

Another one: you can write down instructions on how to write articles to advertise your blog, website, or even your product. Try reading these out and see how easy they are to follow. Or try showing them on video: sure, a video on how to set up a WordPress blog on your website is easier to follow than written instructions. Still, you can explain how to write articles easier using the written word than its spoken equivalent – on an MP3 or a video.

Tip #5 – Write From the Heart

Write naturally: write down what comes into your head as you write about a subject you love, and that love will come through in your writing. If you take the time to think about what you are writing and struggle to get the grammar and spelling right while you write, your article writing will appear stilted and unnatural.

It’s a blog, for goodness sake, not an essay you are writing, and most of your readers will be as good at English grammar as you are! Take that in any way you like to – it came from the heart! You can correct the grammar and spelling later, but let your writing flow from your heart while you write without the constraints of online article writing rules.

Tip #6 – Get The Thread?

Get a thread going. No, it’s not a forum, but you can get a thread, or even abuzz, going with a blog. Allow anybody to make comments freely, and you will get people visiting your blog to take part. Write the first part of the thread by presenting a contentious argument or even writing something completely outrageous (Barrack Obama is a Transvestite) – well, perhaps not that – but something that will get people writing to you.

Why did Jerry Springer become so famous? Think about it.

Then learn how to write articles for publication, and send them to article directories with a link to your blog in the resource or at the end of the article. That will get your blog known worldwide, and if your article writing is unique enough, you will get masses of traffic trying to disagree with you – or agree!

All you need to do then is to make sure that you will benefit from the blog page you are advertising to them. Either have your products on it, links to important pages, or even make it a squeeze page for your website.

That’s how to write articles to advertise your blog and one of the best blogging tips you can be given: how to attract traffic to your blog and maintain a buzz about it that will force even more people to visit to find out what all the fuss is about. Why not charge them a 5c entry fee through PayPal?


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