Small Businesses Using Online Software

Businesses nowadays are very different from companies some twenty to fifty years ago. The main reason behind this is the improvement of technology through time. Companies have been surfing along with the tide of technology improvement, making them more successful as time passes. Business software has increased significantly, leading to further efficiency and integration. These benefits are only possible nowadays – these modern days – through the advancement of computers and calculating software.

In today’s modern world, efficiency and rapidity of work are a must. They must always be paramount, among other things; that is why the period of office runners responsible for passing information from one desk to another is long gone. They have been replaced by much more efficient and quick business software that can perform similar tasks.

Also, the period of stacks over stacks of papers filed in the desks is long gone. It has also been replaced by business software that can whet your works, documents, and information in memory without having hassles in printing paper files. This software can now transfer your files and data from one place to another in a much shorter time than snail mail can do.


Benefits of Online Software

Here are some things that online software can contribute to small businesses to make things easier for the company and the owner:


1. Online software has increased the integration and efficiency of the small business
2. Online software offers great rapidity and efficiency to the speed at which the tasks are done.
3. Online software leads to faster transfer of information from one desk/department to another.
4. Online software also offers full integrations of the internal systems.
5. Online software also offers good communication that can result in a better business.
6. Online software can help run the business smoother and better serve its customers.
7. Online software and business software can help managers study all their departments simultaneously, checking ledgers and payrolls while keeping track of employees’ bills and expenses in materials.
8. Online software can help improve client relationships, especially for those who want to be treated individually. They can check the likes and dislikes of each client, scan and save their information, and know their demands in just a matter of one click. Today, clients are of greater importance. That is why they do their best to maintain their clients and make them feel valued and appreciated.
9. Online and business software can now also have internet access to make tasks easier, transfer files faster, and connect with clients no matter the distance.
10. Online and business software can secure your businesses in a safe place, leaving you to feel relieved about the security of your business.

Business before Computers and Excel

Have you been wondering how business management over the years before the supercomputers started to sprout out, including the widely used and preferred Excel? Have you asked how they can transfer files and communicate locally and internationally with clients? Have you wondered how they file and do all their paperwork, files, and tasks accordingly and without delay?

If you are taking that, it’s too slow and may take years (maybe I’m exaggerating; let’s make it days or weeks); well, you’re correct. You’re right. At that time, information is transferred from one place to another through the mail, so it may take weeks to receive it. You must pass the news as early as possible before it is required to do work and submit paperwork without delay.

Before computers, the machines that businesses used mostly were typewriters and calculators. Even the calculators at that time were not as advanced as what the calculators today can do. Everything that needs to be done is done manually, done by hand. Each computation and written output are done by hand with pen and paper. All are hand-written like sales receipts. The spreadsheet, done today in Excel, was once done on paper. The accounting records are once kept on ledger books. They once had these elaborate filing systems that supported the diaries and inventories they had achieved.

Even before the era of typewriters, all business letters must be hand-written. Those days are so slow and hard that every staff and employee should be meticulous in every task they are working on. Everything that should be done requires more effort. Papers records are laboriously and meticulously filed and created. They are less accurate and less effective than what computer systems today can offer.

The online tools for business

Different online tools, like SaaS, have been spreading nowadays. SaaS, or the Software as a Service, is a software distribution model where a vendor or a service provider presents applications. This software offers many benefits to online businesses by being user-friendly, giving easier administration, and having automatic updates on the latest features of the software; the software is also compatible with any user, has easier collaboration, and is globally accessible.

Not only is SaaS the only software used for business, but other online tools and sites such as GoDaddy offer fast and secure email contacts, advanced 4th-grade generation hosting, help entrepreneurs do business on the web, and much more.

There is also where employees can get up to 25GB for email storage, make instant messages and chat with their clients, secure their data, be highly reliable, and be easier to operate.

Aside from those two, some sites would be of great help to your business, like Dropbox, Plum Sale, MailChimp, etc. They each offer benefits. You have to explore and see what fits your business.


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