How Free Marketing Tips Will Make You Money

Marketing Your Business: Facts and Questions about Internet Marketing and How Free Marketing Tips Will Make You MoneyMarketing Your Business: Facts and Questions about Internet Marketing and How Free Marketing Tips Will Make You Money When marketing your business, use Internet marketing to bring you good potential clients. This concept is crucial to your business being successful. Selling your products and services is paramount in today’s business world. You need to put on your construction hard hat, get a good work crew, and be prepared to work hard because marketing your business is always in progress- whether you realize it or not. Plus, you might look cute in that hard hat, especially if you get it in the season’s new color!


Internet marketing is always changing with new ways to promote your business. It would help if you tracked emerging trends to keep a competitive edge. Putting forth quality free marketing tips online will make you money by showcasing your expertise, company values, and Internet marketing savvy. Giving free marketing tips creates trust with people, making it easier to sell your products and services. Free marketing Tips always make you money when implemented with proven marketing strategies.

To get maximum benefits from Marketing efforts, ask yourself the following questions:

1. Do I have an expert marketing team that delivers great results? 2. Do I continually get training to improve results? 3. Do I come up with creative concepts to attract new clients? 4. Do I research what my competition is doing to stay one step ahead? 5. Am I consistent with my marketing goals, which are set every quarter? 6. Do I regularly attend industry-related conferences to network and meet potential clients? 7. Do I form joint ventures with strategic partners to maximize my exposure to new clients, cut advertising expenses, and share profits? 8. Do I send emails and newsletters to existing clients to market new products and services? 9. Do I track the changing needs of my target clients to fine-tune my marketing campaigns? 10. Do I have six detailed marketing campaigns to implement if my main campaigns stop getting great results?


It sounds Yummy to me! Marketing is like baking a layered cake: you start with one layer and add more to create something delicious and substantial. This creation is made up of all the quality ingredients mentioned above. And remember that while one player can make a good cake, many layers are more to enjoy. The layers will increase the benefits you add to your Marketing Cake.

More questions to ask yourself about Internet Marketing:

1. Do I use an Internet marketing strategy and other marketing efforts? 2. Do I have social media sites dedicated to my business, i.e., Facebook, Twitter, Linked In? 3. Have I done an in-depth website analysis to ensure I attract clients? 4. Do I consistently interact with customers on my social networking websites? 5. Am I a member of several online Internet Marketing support groups to share and get ideas on strategies? 6. Do I have a blog to give marketing tips to prospective clients? 7. Do I promote other businesses to encourage reciprocal behavior? 8. Do I dedicate at least 10 hours weekly to Internet marketing for my business? 9. Do I use social media sites to generate an email list? 10. Do I use online videos to market my products and services?

Internet Marketing is about using the latest social media techniques to reach millions of customers worldwide. There are many ways to reach new customers: Facebook, Twitter, forums, groups, etc. The possibilities are endless when you use the Internet to get people differently. Internet marketing is constantly evolving and is a part of history. Creating a strong presence on the Internet will boost your business’s reputation. Make sure your Internet marketing creates long-lasting client relationships. It will determine your personal and financial success in the future.

Give Free Marketing Tips to Make Money for Your Business

You may think giving away free marketing tips can’t make you money. Giving away free marketing tips is a great way to gather many clients. Free is a currency in this society. Check out Free: The Future of a Radical Price by Chris Anderson for more details about what I am talking about. Everyone likes something free, especially if it is QUALITY and has no strings attached. The more you teach, the more potential customers trust you. When I consult with a potential client, I give them more than two hours of free advice. What does this accomplish? It shows that I know my stuff, and they need help with their business. They will likely hire me since I took the time to give them these free marketing tips. Okay, here are my Free Marketing Tips to help your business: 1. This is geared towards consultants: when meeting with a potential client, give 50- 100 ways to help their business. Even if they don’t hire you for the entire project, you can always work on specific areas or be hired to oversee their staff’s whole project.

2. Send out weekly newsletters announcing recent company awards and recognitions, special offers, and new products available. 3. Conduct customer satisfaction surveys using an outside company to get real customer reactions to your services, especially if there has been a change in company leadership and your products. Even if you have loyal customers, they may not tell you what they think but will feel more open to telling a company the real deal. 4. Use Facebook and Twitter to do product research for new product development, especially if your company deals with new technology; this technique can save you millions of dollars. 5. Upload press releases on inexpensive sites like PRWeb and PRLog. Hire a PR intern to set up radio and magazine interviews. 6. Have Facebook Contests to generate Website traffic and increase brand awareness. Example: If you publish books, have a book jacket design contest for a new book. Then, require participants to have friends sign up for Facebook to vote and join your email list. 7. Conduct video interviews of businesses about what they do and distribute this on Tube Mogul (free) or Traffic Geyser. 8. Free up time to run your business effectively and have lots of personal time by outsourcing work and staff. This will cut payroll in half or eliminate it. Elance or Craigslist are good for finding contractors. 9. Give away free products to reviewers to get great testimonials. 10. Write eBooks to give away for free, then upsell other eBooks and products.


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