How To Give Your Blogger Blog A Forum

Have you ever wanted to add a forum to your Blogger blog? A meeting would allow authors and readers to add topics to discuss the main posting page. Follow along to find out how to give your blog a platform. The three things you require are a blog you want to provide a platform, a hosting provider, such as Host Gator, with forum installations, and a domain name in your hosting account where you can install the platform.

These support sites offer online chat facilities that can easily help you perform this task. Purchase a domain name and migrate it to a hosting account. Then, activate the new URL in the hosting account. If you are unfamiliar with installing software on your hosting account, the online chat facility with your hosting company will make the process easy. Check if the hosting company offers forum software packages. bbPress, a WordPress product, is straightforward to use.


The Quick Install program is an easy-to-use installer for forum software. When the forum is installed, the system sends an administrator password to your email address. Just log in and get used to the feel of your new forum’s back office.

Attach the forum to your Blogger blog by going to the back office. First, click “New Page” and then the “Web Address” feature. Fill in the two fields: page title and web address. I put the address where the forum is installed at my Host Gator account for the web address. The title is “Forum.” A new page in the blog menu entitled “Forum” takes the user to the forum address.


Invite people to post topics on your forum. Guest authors and moderators can be added to the forum’s back office. After you encourage readers to post topics, your forum may start to snowball into a big success.

Operating a forum can potentially provide valuable benefits. Users may provide feedback at the forum, which can assist you in writing articles for your audience. This can make your writing easier and more authoritative.

If your readers are your business customers, they can post on product-related topics many participants read. This whole process can provide new business and service ideas to your company. Given time, you will see users increase, and the forum will get many topics. As the process evolves, you will see if the forum is saving time for your business and bringing in new customers or not.


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