Internet Tips and Techniques

One of the greatest things about the Internet is that all of these tips, tricks, and techniques we’re sharing are so low-cost or even at no cost that you lose very little or no money when you fail. That’s the best way to die! The PERFECT product that can make you financially independent for life must be unique that people can’t get anywhere else. It must be compelling enough to make people want to send you their money through the mail. It must be clear enough to captivate people with the product and make them feel they can buy it unseen. You have to be careful when saying it is free. You don’t want to charge too high of a processing fee, but you can charge a processing fee to cover your expenses of getting it on the Internet and setting it up.

Another powerful factor when placing these banner ads on your site is that although you may worry about cluttering them, it makes your site look commercially viable. You will have advertisers all over your site! This could attract other paying advertisers because advertisers want to be where advertisers are! This is more akin to what they call “viral marketing,” where your visitors tell a friend, “Hey, here’s a neat site I found; you ought to go visit it,” and they’re rewarded for it. Not only that, but it also encourages the friend. There will be a place to click to add it to their favorite email, which takes them over to set up and download your banner so they can send it on.



Many marketing companies have put together compilations of sales letters because people are always looking at how somebody else sold a product, what type of guarantee they used, or what pricing they used. Having a compilation of sales letters from other companies, especially if they’re successful sales letters, really helps. Those types of products sell very well.

First, you need to decide on one or two topics (subject areas) that interest you. It should be something that you enjoy reading about. Let’s look at small business home office operations as an example. If small business home office operations are fascinating for you, then list the best-selling books in that subject area right now that are in the bookstores or just coming out. Get copies of those books! While you’re at it, make arrangements to become a bookseller. You can contact the American Book Sellers Association if you don’t know how to do that. They have some nice handbooks and literature that tell you exactly how to do this.

In many different manuals and cassettes, we’ve discussed what an outstanding and powerful reference tool the big Standard Rate and Data Service (SRDS) directories are. We can now bring those directories to get tremendous publicity for our articles and news releases. The best way to price your service would probably be by the page. You could charge a certain amount per page for proofreading and checking a website. While at it, you might also check to see that all their links are working. Anything that you can add value to the site that says, “I caught a mistake,” “I caught something you overlooked,” “Here’s a bad link,” “Here’s a misspelled word,” “Here’s a grammatical error,” etc.

If you’d like an overview on your web page describing the book, it’s very easy to find the information… look at the book’s jacket! If the book is hardcover and comes with a paper cover – known as a “dust cover” – the inside flaps will have information on the book, quotes from reviewers, and author information. Very few people lie on their deathbeds, wishing they had worked harder, made more money for their boss, or spent more time at the office. Most people would have rather enjoyed their lives. They would have liked to go on longer vacations, have more time with their family, live in nicer homes, drive nicer cars, had the trappings that come with success.

The first thing those people will see when they load up your website is your headline. If the website’s headline doesn’t grab their attention – if it doesn’t excite them or make them curious and pull them into that web page’s copy – then you might as well kiss most visitors goodbye without a sale! This way, you become a broker for them. You don’t have to put any cash upfront. You tell them that you can sell it to them. Maybe you work with one exclusive vendor or person with these products you can sell, and you help them sell all their effects on the Internet.

Anyway, her comment got him thinking about it, and he expanded on that idea. He realized that if she needed this, other people needed it, too. He saw this spark and said: “Man, I could not only serve her needs, but if she’s got this need, other people have this need.” And that’s the “how” in this whole story.

I want to give you a very brief, vibrant example of someone using this. There was a gentleman that had a website. He is a great marketer, and he always tells a passionate story. Instead of just telling people that he was going to give them a discount, he would say to them why he would provide them with a deal.


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