Working Towards Sustainability With Passive Income

I’ve decided that one of my aims for 2009 should be to install a few reliable resources for passive earnings. The concept is outlined in the 4-Hour Work Week, an ebook by Timothy Ferriss that admittedly I have handiest skimmed, but it is useless to say; I grabbed a few exact thoughts from it anyhow. To be clear, I imply passive profits using sales resources that self-operate once launched. This idea of passive profits has been brought up in many other locations online even though.

My non-public concept of passive profits is easy and quite brief: building gear and solutions to a minimum set of issues. A to-do list website is a wonderful example. To-Do lists are clean to software, remedy quite particular trouble, and do not require much work once launched—the best scenario for passive income.

What might be used for passive profits? Well, for my talent set, that’s the net design/web improvement/running a blog (yep, this blogging is a talent of mine now); there are some special options:


Web Design

I need to get into WordPress themes. WordPress is the most popular blogging platform without problems and has a pretty wholesome subject market surrounding it. I could post issues to three special theme markets and post them here for you to preserve all the proceeds if I controlled to sell them right here. I would not charge a good deal because I would not pay a great deal if I wanted a wanted.

I assume a great choice for WordPress subject matters is making issues for situations other than blogging. Yes, WordPress is a blogging platform at coronary heart. But it can also serve as an e-commerce site, a CMS, or an information source. So I think that if you had been to cater to the -of-a-kind area of interest, WordPress makes use of your top-class themes, and you could hit a much less saturated marketplace along with your product. I have one format in my files for a site that ended up in no way being used and is just a few tweaks far from being a WordPress subject matter, so I’m pretty tempted to try to hack it right into a theme as soon as I have some loose time.

Web Development

My tool of desire presently is Ruby on Rails. I’ve finally reached a point wherein I’m comfortable enough to hack collectively a few quite superior initiatives (As a count number of facts, I’ll be running on getting a complete web page accomplished in one day the following day). An exceptional way of picking up more steady coins might be to construct a few relatively simple net offerings that make people’s lives less difficult. These don’t need to be large answers to several issues; I think doing so will be the opposite of passive profits as soon as the web page is released. You would need recognition for maintaining everything maintained.

The goal with passive profits is to paint, in reality, hard inside the beginning to construct a product, then launch it to the world with the maximum and minimum protection requirements feasible in the future.

I have three thoughts in my head right now for tasks that serve a strong motive, are wanted by a quite desirable amount of humans, and could not require many paintings once constructed. I sincerely have one of the ideas half manner accomplished. I need to try to get all three going. I might begin with the halfway carried out one spot if that may deliver in a few bucks.

One of the thoughts revolves around affiliate advertising. However, this is an area I’m admittedly ignorant of; however, it looks like a pretty true supply for passive income. Some tools allow someone to pick a hard and fast of merchandise to promote for a fee; for example, instead of manually picking out merchandise, you may just kind of “fish,” and the store would self-populate itself. Those are a few outstanding capabilities, and I suppose I have a pretty true concept of a domain idea to strive out. Getting fully functional will take some work; however, it would be very minimal protection, maybe only a few hours per week. Perfect.


I understand. I recognize that I’m new to these things. But I find it irresistible. I’ve made it a purpose to jot down each day (or at least each other day, to be realistic) with a few posts about something I discovered interesting. I also want to publish at least one fundamental essay every week, like this one—something of actual fee and substance. I’ve started using mind maps to organize some topics for new articles, and it’s tremendous. I’ll honestly be writing an editorial about how I plan to write down articles soon. If I sense it’s important, I plan to preserve my essays centered on certain topics concerning the era, the internet, and perhaps some philosophy or religion. Keeping this flow of content shifting forward will fill this blog with a few proper pieces of information in a few months.

And while I do not assume to emerge as so crazy a hit blogger with one hundred 000 readers a day, I do wish to, at minimum, choose up a good amount of site visitors. If so, I’ll begin searching for some advertising options for this blog to select some extra dollars I can use. Nothing intrusive for you to no longer affect the analyzing experience, but most probably a few Google AdSense in addition to some other advertising and marketing networks, some affiliate hyperlinks, and perhaps even a few weblog sponsorships if all and sundry would be willing to buy some space.

Why Passive Income?

I am very much a challenge-orientated philosopher. I always provide you with new ideas, so I’m continuously bouncing around from one to the next, all of them even making sure that I’m also paying the bills. Having a consistent movement of passive income would permit me to be conscious much less of making my hire and more of initiatives that can, in reality, turn into something large.

And it’s, in the end, what I need to do. I see myself as an idea man who can suppose up to a product and construct the preliminary prototype and then bypass it directly to someone else to increase, then flow on to the subsequent task.

I would like for that to be my daily activity. But to get there, I must build up these passive income streams to smooth over any low earnings spots. In that manner, I can stay focused on huge projects.


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