6 Search Engine Friendly Blog Tips

Everyone wants to be an internet marketer these days, and most are trying to start a search engine-friendly blog to do it, but few know the right way to go about it. If you’ve been struggling with your marketing, then have a look at the 6 tips outlined in this article – it could be just what you need to get things flowing again.

Blog Tips

Quite a few things will have an impact on how well you do in the search engine rankings. While you may be indexed, are you ranking well for the keywords your readers are typing in to try and find you?


Search Engine Friendly Blog Tips 1: Are your URL and title right?

Are you using a short URL and title that has your main keyword in it? These are two important and controllable ways that you can have a say over what you rank for. It also gives you a way to closely match the title and URL to the niche that you’re in.

Search Engine Friendly Blog Tips 2: Keep the content flowing.

Having a constant stream of content translates into a constant stream of traffic. The reason for this is the likes of Google love fresh new and unique content, and the more you can supply it, the more they’ll keep coming back to index your posts. If you’ve used the right keywords, you start to get noticed by people searching in your niche, which means you’re going to start getting a lot more traffic.

Search Engine Friendly Blog Tips 3: Have categories that reflect your keywords.

If you’re optimizing your content for your keywords, and those keywords are the words people will be searching on, then it makes sense that they should be grouped under keyword-rich categories.

The more often you can use your keywords in a reader-friendly way, the better you should start to rank for them, i.e., if you want to write a series about starting a blog, then some of the categories you could use might be “blog templates,” “how to start a blog,” blog directories,” “blog traffic,” and, seeing it’s the main topic of the series, “starting a blog.”

I think you may guess the main keyword in the above example, but look how easily it can become several categories. These categories are also the sort of keywords people will be searching for.

Search Engine Friendly Blog Tips 4: Tag your posts.

Always tag your posts just before you publish them. Tagging them helps show the keywords you’re trying to rank for with that post; it also helps readers find other posts on related subjects using those keywords.

Search Engine Friendly Blog Tips 5: Ping regularly.

Every time you post something, you should have it pinned to all of the major directories. Using pingomatic.com will save you a lot of time. These directories have a strong influence on the search engines, and if you’re in with the directories, you’ll start to rank well. The more you post content to your blog, the more you’ll be able to ping the sites to let them know you’ve added something new.

Search Engine Friendly Blog Tips 6: Backlinks from blog directories.

Blog directories are a fantastic way of getting one-way backlinks. The theory goes something like this: if many sites from the same niche link to your blog, it must be because you have something valuable to say, meaning you must be an authority of some type. The search engines love authority sites and give them the ranking they deserve.


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