How-To Choose The Right Blogging Platform For You

If you need to start a blog but are unsure of which platform is satisfactory for you, the most essential factors to recall are time and desires. If you’re thinking if one platform offers more than any other or extra users prefer a selected weblog platform over some other than you are in luck! Not handiest are there numerous famous running blog structures to choose, switching from one platform to another as your necessities alternate is earlier than ever due to cross-connection.

Free Blogging Platforms VS. Self-Hosted Blogging Platforms

The purpose of blogging has come to be so popular is because of its simplistic nature. There are many unfastened running a blog platforms to be had each containing strong features each built-in and as accessories for serving the dynamically published content material. Each blogging platform is comparable but varies barely in phrases of person-friendliness and scalability.

WordPress is a popular preference as it is able to be hosted by way of WordPress or in your personal server, imparting extra “control”. While reliable hosting fees and server protection are sincerely vital elements to do not forget, Tumblr a micro running a blog platform has gained a respectable audience as a possible commercial enterprise blogging platform.

Tumblr is an unfastened microblog platform that’s designed to take most of the attempt out of actually blogging. Unlike conventional blogging platforms that put up posts, Tumblr is a social community that stocks exciting content material from various online sources and reblogs the content material within the hopes others of the community will enjoy the content material. This is a great approach to filtering mediocre content from an exciting content material with the capacity gaining notoriety (going viral). Tumblr also can cope with authentic content material as properly, however, it’s now not designed for all people who are seeking to create a long-shape weblog. If you surely want to percentage thrilling content and have a social community integrated for your weblog so that you can without problems engage with other customers, Tumblr may be the right blogging platform for you.


Asaph is a self-hosted microblog platform similar to Tumblr in which you upload content material through a bookmarklet for ease of use. You can create your personal issues or select from the selection this is protected. If you want the idea of Tumblr but need full control, Asaph’s open-source option might be what you’re looking for.

Posterous Spaces interprets the content you provide it permitting you to post from the Posterous website and as an alternative thru emailing what you need to post on your blog. It’ll flip pics into galleries and convert video right into a participant as properly. It`s a fantastic choice if simplicity is of importance and you don`t require lots of manipulating.

If you’re trying to host handiest one site and you want to make something more complicated than your programming abilities allow and willing to put money into a paid blogging platform that offers customizable topics with the option of change to make it your very own for the ones well-versed in Cascading Style Sheet (CSS) than Squarespace can be the right in shape. The entire interface is smooth to examine web-based totally designed to create full internet websites in no time and easily without the trouble of the quit consumer having to discern out in which to host their software program, how to install it, and how to set it up. Although, Squarespace is very flexible and completely capable of creating blogs as nicely, the ease you pay – at the very least $12 in line with month, the method you lose a degree of manipulating over what you can do along with your blog/internet site and the way it can be customized.


WordPress is famous because the most popular running a blog software and makes up the majority of blogs and Content Management Systems (CMS). Its reputation is subsidized via both the open supply community and the very best ranked website on the internet. It’s clean to get your blog began if you pick a hosting provider, or even if you host WordPress your self there are numerous hosts that provide one-click on installations of the software. WordPress gives over 1,000 unfastened themes, even as there are many superb subject matters made to be had for purchase, with basic scripting and net layout know-how you could even create your personal from scratch. If you`re no longer professional at the code you may nonetheless add custom functions to your topic with the aid of using plug-ins to apply WordPress actually any manner you desire. If you’re intend to create a more traditional blog without too much attempt, WordPress is probably your first-class choice. While it is not designed for brief-shape running a blog, it’s honestly flexible sufficient to paintings that way if you make the effort to customize it.


Habari is a fairly lesser-recognized blogging platform that is the maximum versatile and customizable answers mentioned, but the learning curve can be too much for a few as you`ll want you will to have some working knowledge programming (in particular PHP scripting). That aside, it still has masses of plug-ins and a super amount of capability built-in. It gives one of the pleasant admin sections/put up editors and includes full keyboard manipulate. The procedure requires manual set up and quite a few paintings on your element if you need a totally custom designed weblog, however if you need full manipulate over your blog with the help of a dependable CMS, Habari is a really perfect preference.

Piecemeal Blogging Platform

Seriously, why choose handiest one? Your target market is exposed to content from a multitude of various running a blog platform around and you ought to try and be there earlier than your competition! A piecemeal of blogs of several chosen systems can act as insurance has to the developers prevent helping improvement and it`s smooth to tie your blogs collectively by developing a network via social networking.

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