Why Should You Invest in Android Apps?

Mobile application development in India has become a serious business as there is a growing urge to develop and design mobile applications. A mobile application is icing on the cake for the user experience, while calls and text messages are the foremost functions of a mobile device. Nevertheless, an app can become the topmost priority for a person if it is engaging enough. A mobile application can create brand loyalty and help you from falling behind in the competitive market. The users want their favorite brands and companies to develop mobile applications for a customized user experience.

A mobile application is the best marketing and communication tool for any business/company in an inexpensive way. Considering mobile applications’ importance and usability, you can choose Android or iOS. Before you develop your app, you should do market research on the Android and iPhone app development companies in town to find the right developer for you. Almost every entrepreneur might come across this question: Android or iOS? Both platforms have their pros and cons. Based on your requirements, choose the right platform for your app.

Android Apps

The green robotic human is known for its lucrative features, affordability, and smartphone fragmentation. Unlike Apple, Android has a wide range of devices, making it the topmost priority in app development. Wait! This isn’t the only reason to choose Android. There are more advantages to developing an Android app. Here’s why:


Android dominates the Indian smartphone market

According to a recent survey, the Android operating system has captured 97 percent of the Indian smartphone market. India is the world’s third-largest smartphone market after China and the USA.

Android is the only market offering high-quality features at an affordable price for an extensive range of mobile devices. Any average Indian consumer can buy an Android smartphone within their preferred budget. Due to the market segmentation and affordability, Android continues to dominate the Indian smartphone market share.

Android offers low barriers to entry.

The iOS app development companies must require a Mac desktop to develop the iOS apps. On the other hand, Android app development can be done on Windows, Linux, or Mac. For Android app development, you only need a system and a fee of $25 to start your development process. Moreover, Google charges a one-time $25 to register as a developer, while Apple charges $99 annually.

Android apps are developed using JAVA.

Java has been proven to be the most powerful programming language and is used to develop a wide range of devices. It is open-source, which provides free source code from its Java Development Kit (JDK) to the developers. The added advantage is that it can run on any system regardless of the hardware and software dependency. This powerful programming language is used for developing native Android apps.

Android apps are written using the Java programming language; they can be easily ported to other platforms like Symbian, Blackberry, Ubuntu, and Chrome OS.

Android is great at customization.

Are you tired of the same old widgets? Bored of the same layout? Chill! Download a device from a third-party app and replace it with your stock one. You can download and replace it too. Android allows you to customize your app how you like it – that’s why developers love developing apps on Android more than any other platform.

Android provides the perfect platform.

In the fast-growing app market, the ability to adapt quickly does matter a lot. Android’s Google Play Store allows you to update the app within an hour in response to the user’s feedback, while the App Store follows the same lengthy process to submit your app. You can submit the same app multiple times on the Play Store, while you’ll need at least a week to launch your updated app on the App Store.

Besides the multiple uploads, it also offers Alpha and Beta releases, which a set of members can access to test your app. Based on the feedback from the testers, you can rectify the errors and incorporate some features before it reaches the actual users. Thus, Android provides the perfect platform to test your app.

Android is profitable

Yes! You heard it right. The general assumption is that iPhone users are rich enough to make in-app purchases, generating more revenue than Android users. But this isn’t true anymore. Android developers can generate revenue through initial app purchases, in-app purchases, and the most profitable way-app ads.

According to a survey by DAU-UP, the average revenue per user for Android games was just 20% by January 2010. Surprisingly, it had reached 65% by year-end. Moreover, the advertising cost is 20-50% lower on Android apps, which can eventually be more profitable than iPhone apps.

Due to its usability and affordability, Android remains unbeatable and continues to rule the smartphone market. Remember, developing an Android app isn’t an expense- it’s an investment! Now that you know the benefits of investing in an Android app, you can develop your app on this most promising platform to stay ahead in this competitive market.


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