Best Android Apps That Help You Improve Battery Juice

Whether it is greedy resources, larger size displays, or a constant desire to play mobile games, every task eats up battery life faster than normal. Do you ever come across a situation when you need to access your email urgently, but your Android-powered devices deny turning on? Have you ever wished that your Android’s battery would last longer? If yes, then it is confirmed that you’re tired of plugging in your device’s charger again and again and already had enough of the battery drain-out excuses.

Improve Battery Juice

Many of you might be shocked to know that lighting up screens for hours at a time may result in extensive battery drain-outs. Android is a mobile OS platform that is highly recognized for its efficiency at task management and smartness at multitasking, but Android battery life never lives up to expectations. In this article, you will read about the four best Android apps that will ensure the prolonged battery life of your Android device.

1. Juice Defender

Juice Defender is a free Android app that efficiently manages common connections like mobile data and Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. The app comes with multiple preset modes such as ‘aggressive’ and ‘balanced’ to meet your device’s specific needs, and it also allows toggling and task scheduling to save some extra power. Juice Defender efficiently manages background synchronization and allows users to choose which apps can keep the screen on and up to what duration. Official developers have also offered this app in Plus ($1.99) and Ultimate ($4.99) versions, which can be availed depending on the user’s level of control and requirements. The Plus version offers access to the ‘extreme’ and ‘customized’ profiles, while the Ultimate app boasts peak hours and weekend settings and offers deeper GPS controls to save extra battery units.


Standout features

• Multiple versions to suit needs

• Fully customizable app to save extra hours of battery life

• Separate user profiles to manage apps and battery

• The easy and intuitive user interface (ads-free!)

• Scheduling and full activity log

• Two home screen widgets

• Location-aware features

2. Go Battery Saver & Power Widget

Designed and developed by the Go Dev Team, this extremely flexible and easy-to-use Android app is an ideal way to save some extra hours of your Android’s battery life. Allowing you to toggle preset modes with just a tap on the screen, the app adjusts battery consumption according to your reading, relaxing, or even gaming activities. Go Battery Saver & Power Widget comes with a customization option; hence, users who don’t like the standard modes can create a battery-saving plan of their own. The app constantly scans all your installed apps to determine the ones eating up the battery more than others. After the scan, the solution provides suggestions to enable or disable features to extend the device’s battery life. If you’re looking for an app with advanced features, then buy the Go Battery Saver & Power Widget’s premium pack (in-app purchase for $4.99) to access another dozen features.

Standout features

• Upgraded bundle removes ads

• Toss scheduled settings

• Offers more control over Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and CPU

• Two home screen widgets in the free version and 5 in the premium pack

• Wide collection of skins and themes to choose from

• Multiple user modes

• Clean interface

3. Battery Defender

Counted amongst one of the more feature-rich free Android apps, Battery Defender comes with plenty of options, features, and tools at no cost. The app plays an important role in saving battery power by displaying the exact battery percentage listed on the notification bar. The app is programmed to offer smooth access to toggle common connections like GPS, Wi-Fi, mobile data, and Bluetooth. The exceptions in the apps world are two of its features- Genius Scan, syncs in every 15 minutes, and the adjustable Quiet Sleeping option disables Wi-Fi and data connections at night.

Standout features

• Easy connections toggling

• Sleeping mode to save extra power

• Staggered sync

• Displays battery percentage in the notification bar

• Fast Wi-Fi/Data/Bluetooth switch

• App allowlist for streaming apps

4. Tasker

Tasker is an app that is not just a battery extension but also offers plenty of task-killing features to avoid unnecessary battery drain. Recommended for users, who want to help automate the Android experience, the app provides leverage to set times for sleeping and disabling connections. Its Day and Location features help people to set work schedules without missing anything important. Tasker’s automation features allow a user to set the phone to handle media, texting, phone calls, and perform other Android functions. Counted amongst one of the true set-it-and-forget-it apps, at $2.99, Tasker allows you to access some of the extensions and apps that are already tied to it.

Standout features

• Numerous configurations and settings for Google’s HDMI dongle

• Automated settings based on time, day, and location

• Automatic settings for text and calls

• Clean and clutter-free interface

• 200+ built-in plugin support

Apart from the above-mentioned Android apps, you can install Autorun Manager, Battery Doctor, DU Battery Saver, and many others. Apart from installing a battery saver app, you can also save battery by adjusting a few settings on your device. For instance, you can switch to airplane mode and turn off features like Bluetooth, NFC, and GPS, when not in use. Setting your device to automatically adjust the brightness, restricting social media apps from constantly pinging for updates, and installing updates only when connected to Wi-Fi can result in surprising battery conservation.


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