How to Select POS Software

The Requirements of POS Software

Computers basically follow a certain set of rules when they communicate with other computers, and those rules are predefined in nature. Universally, these rules are known as protocols. With these protocols’ help, POS terminals communicate with various other devices. Protocols strongly support all the programs of POS software. This enables them to interact and communicate with various devices, including a POS printer, debit/credit reader, and bar-code scanner. There are multiple protocols of POS command. Some are DSP-800, EPSON Esc/POS, ADM 787/788, and CD 5220.

Advantages of High-Quality Software

POS Software that is excellent in quality is very advantageous. They are highly efficient and can aid you in substantially increasing your profit levels. With their help, you can also considerably reduce inventory costs and improve customer service. Moreover, you can save a lot of time with the assistance of POS software since it can completely automate repetitive tasks.



Choosing the right POS software

There is intense competition among various service providers in terms of providing high-quality products related to POS. You will find multiple products available in the market that are affiliated with the POS software. Choosing the appropriate POS software for your business enterprise might make it challenging.

Some factors must be considered while selecting POS software. First and foremost, you must consider your industry. Second, you must consider your company’s overall revenue generation.

Furthermore, you must ensure the software is stable and bug-free before purchasing it. Much of the software is compatible with operating systems such as Macintosh, Linux, and Microsoft. Of these, it has been observed that the options available with the POS system of Windows are the best rated. You can get this confirmed by any retailer who is using them.

Facts and figures of POS Systems and Software

There are more than 300 POS systems available in the market today. Over the last decade, the accounting software industry has consolidated and developed very rapidly. You can expect a similar consolidation in the S. industry. You must know the details and preparation required to find the most suitable software for your enterprise.

Factors to Consider While Selecting POS Software

1. Give importance to the company/vendor selling or providing POS software. It would help to consider some basic criteria while analyzing any POS vendor. They can be mentioned as follows:

* Number of users
* Financial stability
* References
* Years in business
* Reputation in the industry

2. Consider your growth plans for the future. This is essential. In this context, some areas that deserve consideration include preparations for E-commerce, programs of customer loyalty, multi-store requirements, integration to applications of business that you are currently running, or those you are planning to run somewhere shortly CRM needs.

3. The packages of POS software can vary significantly in terms of capacity, so you must assess your situation and requirements before deciding on selection. For instance, the management capabilities of inventory that will be ideal for a multi-store chain will be excess for a single boutique store. Moreover, the attention and feeding it would need might never be worth the extra effort.

Free POS Software

Due to the growing demand for the application of POS systems, its software products are also attaining a steady base of customers worldwide. If you cannot afford to invest too much in POS software products, you can consider obtaining those available at no cost. With free POS software, you can save hundreds to even thousands of dollars since you will not be required to purchase expensive new software systems.

To avail of free POS software, you will need a personal computer linked to or based on a cash drawer/register system. It is not even necessary for the equipment to be new. Most of the free programs of POS software will be able to track sales by cashier and item and can be used with the help of scanners as well.

Some free POS Software Products

The following free products of POS software being enlisted may be compatible with your present computing system or even with the used or new equipment you acquire. You should, however, verify compatibility with these before installing such software on a running system or before buying any new hardware.

1. POSGreen Lite: This free POS software is based on the same Fieldpine engine implemented in their premier versions. However, it is free of cost and without any restrictions in terms of time. Some minor drawbacks of this software include its lack of support for the network and limitations in terms of the number of products that can be tracked.

2. FreePOS (Version 4.95E): This freeware of POS is specially created for use in restaurants.

3. Cash Register: This POS freeware has a simple name that denotes a complete, holistic software product. This software program can perform all the common register tasks and functions. It can monitor the sales of around 60 employees, track up to almost 13,500 SKUs, and even handle sales reporting daily. This program is based on DOS. Thus, it will run on Windows or DOS-based computing systems.

4. Retail ICE: This program is not downloadable. It has a shipping and materials fee of $20.00 in the USA, but it is worth considering.

5. PetraLite- This POS freeware is a lightweight version of the very popular PetraSell. It is not limited to time and has a true POS depth. Its only drawback is that it is restricted to a single user mode.


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