Things that You must Know about Windows 10

Previously, the much-hyped Windows 8 successor was named Threshold or Windows 9, but Microsoft has confused every Windows user by calling its latest version Windows 10. Soon after unveiling the newest version of Windows, the company made its technical preview version available for download. The tech giant has created a huge trust and reliability factor in global markets by acknowledging the shortcomings and promising a better successor. One of the biggest reasons behind releasing the technical preview was to announce the features that Windows 10 will carry on its official release. During its review, the company’s spokesperson unveiled that the new Windows OS is for users who were not impressed with the drastic changes in Windows 8.


Since global markets are getting too hype for this newly announced OS, here’s a list of the top five most important things you need to know about this Windows update.

1. The classic desktop is back

After eliminating the Start menu in Win 8 OS, the company has suffered a significant loss in market share and its reputation. So, the company has finally brought the taskbar and Start Menu back in full force to rectify the dramatic changes adopted in the current Windows version. The new and improved Windows operating system now possesses a cohesive blend of contemporary and classic features. The new Start Menu replaces the traditional Start Menu by allowing the users to pin Live Tiles in the layout, while the improved taskbar now comes with a task view to display all the open apps and files. The company is now focusing more on incorporating the basic features of Windows 7 and the touch-enabled support of Windows 8 into its latest OS release.


2. Touch isn’t completely removed

For users who have enjoyed the touch features incorporated in Win 8, Microsoft has supported many touch features in the improved OS. The best is the touch-supported Live Tile start screen or Continuum, which will offer the latest updates and Windows Live Tiles information. Users connected to a keyboard on the OS can use the default classic desktop mode, but touch device owners can use the Live Tile layout. The charm bar is still there, and you can access it by swiping the screen from the right side. A swipe towards the left will allow the task menu to show up all of your open apps and files.

3. One operating system, one app store

The company is now ready to support its one-operating-system-for-all-Windows-devices plan and has started implementing the same with the arrival of the new Windows version. The new Windows update will offer seamless continuity between phones, tablets, and all-in-one PCs. The system software will have a universal Windows Store to store all your Phone, tablet, and desktop apps. You can also view all your app purchases from the Windows Store in a single window instead of viewing them in full-screen mode.

4. Some adopted features of OS X

Microsoft has also adopted Apple’s desktop OS X’s features to impart perfection in its forthcoming operating software. The new OS by Microsoft now supports multiple desktops that allow you to run different platforms simultaneously to separate work files from personal apps instantly. The feature also enables users to curb the window congestion that might confuse or irritate the user. Microsoft has incorporated the power users’ facility in Windows 10 and added new features for command prompts.

5. More is yet to come

Microsoft has only introduced the technical preview for the OS this year, but the final version will be released in the spring of 2015. The company has more features to show off, but users must wait for it next year. Some developers suggest Mac OS X’s features and tools be added to Windows 10 to make it more compatible and robust on performance fronts. Since the company hasn’t demonstrated any of its apps like Internet Explorer, MS Office, and others at the preview event, something huge must come your way. The company’s spokesperson quoted on the preview event that “the preview was all about the core experience, but a demo of consumer features will come later.”


That’s all the company, and various reliable sources have revealed about the new Windows version. You may come across multiple rumors or unreliable factors that are usually unofficial or unreliable until the release of the latest Windows version. Undoubtedly, Microsoft will keep releasing or talking about its new features to remain in the headlines, but all we can hope is that the outcome during spring 2015 should be promising. The company is currently projecting its main aim towards achieving the oneness strategy that will bring the Product, Platform, and store. The company’s spokesperson didn’t comment on the statement when asked whether it will be offering Windows 10 as a free upgrade to existing Windows 8 users. As the OS is slated to get released in 2015, therefore, till then, wait to gain access to customize your devices and app stores.


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