How an Android Gadget Makes Your Backpacking Trip More Fun?

Has it ever happened that you go on a backpacking trip with all kinds of equipment packed in your backpack? Getting a water thermos, sleeping bag, food, and a good backpack to put them all inside and start the trip. It is spring, after all, and a good opportunity to walk into nature and discover some fun.

Besides all the above equipment, you might also need a flashlight, receiving radio set, watch, compass, map, and other tools. These instruments are beneficial on trips. But the troubles start here: insufficient backpack space and lifting these many objects for long-distance walking. These things may turn the sweetness of the journey into bitterness.

Android Gadget

Well, not if we had a multi-tool, all-in-one space-saving gadget like the Swiss knife, which has handy tools like a spoon, fork, can opener, etc. A Swiss knife is cool but does not have the necessary instruments we need on a trip, like a flashlight, map, radio receiver, compass, etc. What could we do then? Should we deny taking all those necessary stuff with us? Or is there a workaround to this? Well, there IS a workaround to this, and there is a Swiss knife for those kinds of things, and that’s what we recommend to you:

An Android Gadget with great Android Widgets and Apps


Android Gadgets, a Digital Swiss Knife For Trips

Nowadays, android gadgets (smartphones and tablets) have developed in a way that can fulfill many of our requirements and needs, and they have turned into handy tools. These tools come in handy, especially on a backpacking trip. In the following, you will see what an Android gadget could do for us on a long or short-distance journey.

Google Map: Map is what you will use a lot on trips. Instead of taking a paper map, you can use your gadget’s Google Map to see a specific region map and the whole world in detail. You can use the Latitude or Direction feature in Google Maps to easily find your friends or find the best route to a specific point on the map, along with the time required to get there by bus, bicycle, car, or even by foot.

Compass: The compass is one of the earliest pieces of equipment to find the north magnetic pole and one of the oldest tools for navigation. Android comes with an internal compass that helps you find your destination easily. Most Android gadgets today DO have a compass. If yours doesn’t, you can use Google Map’s inner compass to find the north magnetic pole. This way, using the Android’s compass, you will no longer have the problem of electromagnetic interference. There are also some compass-based applications and widgets for Android, which are quite useful.

Watch: Obviously, the watch is one of the important tools used everywhere. You can use it on trips to define the journey duration, rest time, appointment time with fellows, etc. Android clock widget will help you do all that stuff, plus a few more. You can set alarms to wake up at a specific time or use the clock to measure the time more accurately.

Flashlight: If you plan to stay for a night on a trip or to walk into creepy dark places like caves, you will certainly need a flashlight. Using special Android applications and widgets, you can use the camera LED as a Flashlight tool and stay out of the darkness! Besides, you can use the LED to call for an emergency SOS. In SOS mode, the LED flash regularly turns on and off.

Radio Set: A small receiving radio set helps you know weather conditions (for this case, you may need a Weather Widget or App), natural events, and local news. For example, you can get notified quickly via Radio if a road is blocked due to landslides. Today, most phones have internal FM radio and Android gadgets are no exception. So you don’t need to carry a separate radio and a pair of batteries if you use an Android smartphone.

MP3 Player: As mentioned for the Radio, you do not need to carry a separate MP3 Player with a set of hands-free trips if you have an Android gadget.

Photographing: We all love to take photos with those alligators in the river—Use your Android gadget to do so. O need to carry extra equipment and go heavy. Mosquito Net: Android has something to say in this field, too. If you plan to stay for a night, you can use special Android applications to protect yourself against mosquitos and other insects and thus against the diseases they may carry. So you see how an Android gadget could be a Swiss Knife. A Swiss knife saves a lot of space and lots of energy! Note that you can access all of them right from your home screen, thanks to Android widgets. Android Clock Widgets and Weather Widgets are the most popular ones.


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