Getting On In Your Life

The progress you are making in life can be stated quite clearly, to consist of only three constants, your past was but a moment ago, your future is but a moment away, and in the middle is your present. You will often find out that when you are stationary in the present, you will become aware that nothing seems to happen at various times because you need “Now” to make any progress forwards into the future, you will find out that you also need “Then” so that you can recall the past and the knowledge it has taught you. Finally, you need “Next” so that you can expand your learning, and these three together will create a chain reaction towards your next step. So “Now” linked with “Then” linked with “Next” will help your life progress much faster than it may have to date if all three are used correctly, that is. Sometimes, the past will not be of any use for a while; other times, it is best to adapt but not forget the past and move on before the past is cold.


Every day that you encounter others in your life is a day that is teaching you who you really are, and as you learn who you are, your knowledge will increase, so becoming wiser than your earlier life allowed you to be will be a real asset in your own daily life. You will also find out that as you learn more about your individual life, you will find that it is up to you to stop playing the roles that you are not comfortable with and, in some cases, to stop playing roles that are not real as well. Role swapping as you grow older is important to our progress and learning. You may find that it is a good indication that your true identity needs to be found and asserted by you and not by someone else; sometimes, it is up to you to try out some method and role acting as the days go by. You should find it easy for you to identify yourself and remember that the past cannot hurt you again as it already has done, even though bad memories may persist for a while. Do not fret as the real you will begin to emerge and take a strong hold of your daily life; ironically, the less you try, the more you will benefit in some of the self-improvement steps, you will soon barely notice that the artificial you are being pushed away.


To many of us, life is a one-way system, either we are always on the take from others around us, or we are seemingly very generous all we have and our money, it is a good idea to find the middle of the road, if either of these traits is dominant in your life, you are sure to end up with less of everything if you are not careful. There is not only one way for us to go, learn to feel for ourselves, feel what we really want out of life. You will be able to feel the softer bumps and scrapes as they happen, then you will have a good excuse to park up and let life pass you by, but it is not a good idea for us to think and feel this way, as who really wants a dead-end life for themselves? Do not be despondent about life and the knocks you receive now and again; sometimes, we must drive a bumper car along the road of life to get somewhere in our life.

Though you may get what you want at the end of the day, sometimes it can be so slow at arriving, you sometimes wonder if you are really getting anywhere fast at all, this, in turn, can make you feel that progress concerning an aspect of your present life is a waste of time, but as you try to get on in life try to remember that to run you have to learn how to walk first. This state of mind may well indicate that you should try out some different tactics for a while and push ahead to try out some different routes as well. If you can have some faith in yourself and learn to rely on and trust others, then you will have a good chance of success during the difficult periods of your life. So at the various adventures that occur in your own life, try your best to live in the present, but not if you rely on those around you that seem to be helpful, the future will not arrive if you let the present take hold, a few may be genuine cases of support but others may not.

The depth of perception that is a matter that is in hand, or may even be related to any matters that you are trying to, or wish to achieve in your life, is and are going to become more apparent as your own patience, knowledge, and awareness slowly develop. As you grow, various aspects of your own life are going to improve for you steadily, and believe it or not; it can happen quite soon; even though it may be limited to the inspiration that is behind it in the first place, you will get there in the end. So as soon as your patience is sufficiently developed, you will steadily make some more progress. Remember the various steps forward will not happen until your patience has grown, so until then, the depth of your own perception will be limited by the shallowness of your own mind.

Someone wrote that the secret of flight is to throw yourself at the ground and miss; even though this may sound absurd to you, it does have some relevance to your daily life; there are times when an answer is not evident in any form, no matter how hard you may look for it, but bearing in mind that there are no insurmountable problems in our daily lives, we should try to remember that some just take longer to solve than others, also try to bear in mind that some problems have absurdly simple answers, we somehow manage to miss these as well, try not to despair when your mind goes foggy at times like this. There are always sensible, logical conclusions to any problem that you have to solve, but as so often tends to happen and quite frequently in some cases, not all the conclusions that we are looking for are easy to find. So once a problem has been solved, you will have the experience to draw upon, and you can use it to help others as well as yourself, but not by giving them the answer you came across, as some leeway for learning has to be given to them as well, instead you should steer them towards solving the same problem that you had in the past.

While you are attempting to communicate with a certain party and that certain party is displaying an apparent desire, not to hear what you have to say and it also seems they are doing their best to impose their own will on you at the same time, means quite simply that at the end of the day, neither of you are going to get very far at all, in your attempts at talking with each other. The advisable tactic that should be employed at this time is to speak softly to the party concerned, and you will find that this nearly always produces a positive result. Anyone that will not take heed of a shout will almost always strain to hear a whisper, and you should find that someone who is determined not to listen will not want to miss out on something that may be of interest to them; either way, they will make an effort to listen to what you have to say. Finally, the message that you are trying to get across will get there, and it will sink in.

All the time you are feeling cut off from others in your life, you are firm that the barriers you encounter are a normal way of life for everyone. You feel or believe that these barriers are not for going around, then you will not get as far in your life as you really want to. All the time that you feel a seemingly complex barrier turns up in your life, a barrier that seems to stop you from progressing any further in your life, pause for a short while; it is not a good reason for you to cede defeat. If you are not careful, your own life will grind to a halt, as feelings of doubt take over, making you believe that the barrier you are now up against cannot be overcome, by believing that all your barriers will disappear without any moves on your part this feeling is nothing but a pipe dream, remember that you can and will learn to beat your barriers with a little determination on your part.

All of the barriers in life, be it a case of are they large barrier problems for us or are they relatively small ones, which ever way that you look at them, they are all going to need a course of action so that they can be solved by us (either alone or as a group of two or more), either way, they are going to need a plan of action before they can be dismantled, rebuilt and mastered. Having yourself a plan of action loosely available to you at any time is sometimes an advantage, by no means employ any hard and fast rules, try to move forwards gently, so the next time a barrier presents itself, you will be able to reduce the pressure that is on you. You can relax and create an inner peace of mind first, which enables the barrier to be lowered more comfortably; in turn, the peace of mind and inner peace you feel will show that life is not all uphill. All the knowledge that you have to date will come in handy growing as time passes; your biggest allies are your experiences to date. A negative thought that has been put to you in the past and then allowed to gel in your mind can be incredibly damaging to your own life if you allow it to control and dominate your own daily life for no good reason. You cannot change your past life, but you can adapt it to suit the present situations that involve others around you, this will mean that you will not ruin a good future that could lie ahead, but if you do not take precautions to the right your mistakes, you could easily be deprived not only yourself but also others around you from enjoying an active, pleasant life as well.

Fools do not know how to dream, the young and the ambitious among us need to dream, and the wise do not need to dream at all. But if a fool can learn how to dream, then the fool will have learned to have some honest ambition in life. If the young can achieve their dreams without any interference from any fools that choose to interfere, then the young will gradually join the ranks of the wise. The main difference between a dream and reality is that the latter cannot be achieved if the former has not been recognized and placed in its proper place in your life today; Dream-reality is a step you can achieve if you are careful and conduct yourself properly. Try not to allow yourself to put down any sudden inspirations that you or another person may have without an excellent reason, or to put down the good idea that seems to appear as if from nowhere. You will often find that in the correct time and place, both can be worth far more to you than any written material or any oral advice can ever be; try to remember that both sources of ideas are capable of improving various factors in your life and not all progress forwards in life comes out of a book.

Learning processes that you come across during your life can be very complicated at times. They can vary in the ways that they present themselves to you, so always be on the lookout for anything that may trip you up when you least expect it to; also, bear in mind that you may well find that sometimes the easiest way to solve a particular problem that may be on your mind, is to throw away the available instructions and press on, using your own common sense and logic. Still, at this point, you would do well to remember that trial and error situations should never be taken for granted by anyone. The best ideas will nearly almost always be found, to be the most straightforward and obvious, that is, once you have seen and recognized them as such, so once such an idea has been located, try your best not to worry about the fact that it was hiding right under your nose all the time. The very fact that it has shown up at this time is mainly down to the fact that you have more knowledge and experience to draw upon than was true a while ago, so now because of this you will be either able to give the idea all it deserves, or you can shelve it for later on. Remember that the more experience you have, the more you can do; never give up learning as it will always stand you in good stead; used wisely; life will never be dull.

When you combine past experiences in your life with the knowledge that you have learned to date, you will find that you can make some largish steps forward to boost not only your own confidence but also those around you. These areas are usually in areas that, until now, may have been very difficult for you to attain without assistance from others around you in the present as well as those in your past daily life. Experience can be defined as a combination of knowledge and errors rolled into one. Try to be honest as you can be with yourself, as you will find that experience without errors has no solid foundations, is very likely to ruin your very own life progress as it moves ever onwards.


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