Looking At Bongs For Cheap Prices Online?

If you’re a person who tends to look for low prices on just about anything you buy, you might be disappointed at the selection in your local head shop. After all, small stores can sometimes have a high cost to operate, so the best bongs for low prices you can find are found online 99% of the time. Supporting local businesses is important to some people, and for those who bite the bullet, you can at least be glad you won’t be paying more than 10-20$ than you would be online. There are plenty of online stores with tons of bongs for cheap, but let’s go over a few problems people might have with shopping for glass on the internet.

Is It Legal?

    Sure is! Like any bong you can buy at a store near you, online businesses can sell these kinds of cannabis-related products because they’re officially sold ‘for tobacco use only. No matter what American state or Canadian province you live in, you can have glass pieces shipped without hassle. For some states with stringent legislation, you may encounter trouble when shopping for dabbing rigs, but these cases are rare. This is only because dabbing rigs are specifically for burning concentrates, and it’s tough to argue that they serve any other function besides that.


Shipping Glass?

    Many might have reservations about ordering a delicate glass object like a bong. Still, many websites have been doing this for years and have appropriate shipping protocols. When ordering from a trusted website like Dankstop or BrothersWithGlass, you can rest assured your piece will arrive intact 99% of the time, and policies are in place to ensure you get a reship if something is broken upon arrival. When buying cheap bongs online, your biggest concern is making sure you don’t break it yourself after just a week or two of using it.


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