The Android Phone Available in the USA and Canada

There are many Android phones available throughout the world. Many of them have not appeared in North America, however. The mobile phones using this OS in the US and Canada are mostly locked into a contract with particular carriers.

Android Phone Available

Low-end and Midrange Android Phones

Many individuals overlook the lower-end Android phones, but anyone that desires a smartphone on a budget might consider purchasing one of these phones. These phones range from android 1.0 to android 1.5

The Dream G1 is the first android operation phone to be released. This release was achieved on October 22, 2008, and while they aren’t as easy to find currently as the more up-to-date phones, they are a definite bargain at their price range. The Dream G1 is an HTC phone that is available on T-mobile’s network.

The Magic MyTouch 3G is an Android phone that is also available from HTC. It was initially released in May of 2009 and came with the Android 1.5 OS. The carriers that allow this phone for usage are T-mobile, Vodafone, and Orange (UK). This is also a lower-priced smartphone with many smart functions that are considered vital in current models. Just like the Dream G1, this phone will use a pull-out qwerty Keyboard.

The HTC Hero carried by SPRINT is one of the most remarked upon smartphones in North America to date. It utilizes the HTC sense UI architecture, which some labeled as Android, to the next level when it was first released in October of 2009.


The LG Eve is currently one of Canada’s most sought-after phones due to the meager price for locked-in service. Rogers of Canada is currently the locked-in carrier of the mobile device, and many individuals see this as a good thing. While all other smartphones listed with the Android 1.5 operating system are typically one hundred to two hundred dollars with a locked-in contract, it is notable in that it sells its locked-in version for only forty-nine dollars Canadian.

Recently Released High-end Android Phones

Motorola’s Droid Milestone is one of the most talked-about phones in existence. The hype surrounding it before its release caused a great deal of rumor and intrigue to be manufactured. Verizon has this particular phone locked down via contract, and it has maintained its popularity since November of 2009. The Droid is the phone that managed to invade many people’s minds and convince the individuals that were sitting on the fence to purchase a smartphone in the first place due to an interesting ad campaign. The Droid was known primarily for having the first stock version of Android 2.0 available on any system. As many know, Verizon has this.

The Samsung Moment, on the Sprint network, is considered a solid mid-range phone that currently comes with the android 1.5 architecture. It is included in the high-end section of this informative article solely because it is slated to upgrade to version 2.0 of Android in the next few months. This will mean that an affordable solution to the smartphone community will be available close to current programming technology.

The Eris, crafted by HTC and released in November of 2009, uses what is known as the HTC Sense UI architecture that many consider a notable side step of the typical android OS. The operating system version is known as “cupcake” makes itself known on this device, and for many individuals in North America, this is the most purchased smartphone option. This smartphone is carried by Verizon and can be found in most upper-scale electronics shops and all Verizon stores.

Some consider the Google Nexus One to be the current Holy Grail of smartphone technology. This mobile device is manufactured by HTC and was the first cell phone in existence to be released with the Android 2.1 operating system. This meant that technologically it was cutting edge in comparison to its closest rivals and business partners. As a Google phone, it is completely unlocked primarily with the option for carriers to have locked-in contracts available as more of them join up. Currently, T-mobile carries the Device in the US, with Vodafone, and Verizon is expected to join in shortly or to reformat their pricing plan as they go along.

No matter what smartphone option seems best for people, there is still one key thing to consider. It isn’t the bells and whistles of the phone but how and where the owner can use it. 3G connectivity is spotty with many smartphones, and the best purchase isn’t always the lowest price. The best purchase is a phone that can be used frequently in the area the owner will be primarily living in. Luckily there are many slated to be released in North America in 2010. The numbers some individuals cite seem to relate to at least fifty being available from a wide variety of companies.


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