Life is all about the Second Chance

Some people never seem to make a significant effort at life, preferring to loiter around and wait for something good to happen to them or die. I think much of this is because of mistaken ideas about God that have been taught, not only in churches, religious institutions, and their misleading religious dogma but also in schools, in “self-help” books, and by psychologists and scientists alike, making life seem without any definite purpose and pointless. It looks like there must be some secret, hidden, elusive meaning to life that can never be found by the ordinary man or woman and that no matter how hard you try, you are bound to be frustrated and fail. Finally, death and certain destruction are far from the truth.

This kind of outlook is based partly on some distorted idea that the universe is in some way pre-determined in its actions, set into motion by a distant and capricious god with the available energy beginning to dissipate at the very moment creation was completed and destined to collapse in some final cataclysmic event at some time in the future, with all life as you know it ends with destruction and extinction. In your present life, you are meeting with something similar, only on a more immediate time scale.


With this sort of future to look forward to, it’s no wonder that humans can fall into malaise and depression, believing that life has no real meaning and that personal extinction awaits at their death. You tend to think that certain mysterious, physical accomplishments are required to fulfill your purpose to God for giving you life. There would be no hope for those who die in childbirth or soon afterward if that were the case. Hence, it never occurs to them that by living their life the best they can within their capacity and limitations, they are fulfilling life’s requirements by simply BEING.


Lives come and go, not that each life is unimportant because they are important, and the future doesn’t end with death. In a way, death is simply one giant step into the future, or in this case, the continuation of a lot that has already begun. There are some important reasons for the life you are now experiencing, and you can’t blame your existence on some accidental sexual encounter in a moment of passion after a party with your parents. No life has ever begun by accident, and you could rightly say that no life has ever started. Your Soul or Entity did not already anticipate that. Creating a new personality is serious to the Soul, and it does not take that responsibility lightly.

You came into this life with a plan you created before you were born that you intentionally caused yourself to forget. This is for practical reasons that have to do with confronting and responding to events with no pre-existing certainty of the anticipated outcome; otherwise, the results would be affected by that previous knowledge, and there would be no need to strive to achieve.

You are supposed to create, experience, and learn from everything your life touches. In so doing, you grow in love and creativity and, in the process, expand your consciousness and fulfill your purpose in life, but you must do all of this with no prior knowledge that you wrote the script for the “drama” of your life. (see the article of August 14, Life Themes across Time.) no life begins without purpose or a theme; yours is no different.

Now, if you don’t believe that life continues after physical death, then what I say from here on will hold little meaning for you, but if you do think as you should, that life is eternal. You have ample reason to try and understand the importance of what you do in this life, giving it new meaning.

You are essentially in this life, auditioning for your next life, or should I say, laying the groundwork for your next life, and what you do here will affect the “drama” of your next life that you will again write and act out once again in this physical world, Once again, like the absent-minded professor, you will forget that you wrote the script. One exception is if you are ready to evolve out of the physical system and explore new challenges in more developed systems. In those cases, life continues only on many different terms than now.

The life you are living now with all of its challenges, heartaches, tragedies, successes, loves, hates, and accomplishments is colored and shaded by your (last life experience), so you can assume that your present life is full of difficulties and tragedies, it is at least partially because you set it up that way through your actions in a past life.

Of course, I am referring here to reincarnation, and I would suggest that if you give little regard to your actions in this life, you can’t rail at the heavens, cursing God for the problems you will encounter in your next physical life. Your overall experience in this life results from actions in previous lives, and if this life is less than you desire, you can blame no one but yourself. Reoccurring problems may not surface in the next life, but in a way, you could say that “the piper must be paid” sometime, somewhere, even though the time and place may be centuries in the future in distant lands.

I am not referring to the “Karma” effect as it applies to misdeeds; I am talking about a natural flow of life from one life to another. You will live again in another age as another person, perhaps another gender, another race, a new name, and a new personality. Still, you will retain the inner “You” of you and the same identity that can never be assailed or diminished. Sometimes, I wish I could sit someone down and shake them and make them understand that they are inherent in good intent; they were not born in sin. They are truly eternal beings, yet many write to me expressing little hope of continuing life after physical death.

When you act in the present, your actions are not only relevant to your daily life and your accumulated collection of experiences in this physical body in this life but become indelible in your total psychic collection of personal data, recorded in electrical and chemical fields eternally and can be genetically drawn on in future existences. No “Important” memory is ever lost from one life to another. The knowledge of previous lives is genetically coded in the chromosomes of your present body. However, a conscious understanding of them will remain hidden for many reasons. One is that you have enough trouble handling the experience of one lifetime at a time, let alone the knowledge of many lives. You would be overwhelmed and swamped with data that your consciousness could not hold now.

No action or experience is ever lost or misplaced either, and your first thought as an infant still exists today and is as real in its field as a rock in your garden. No thinking, idea, or imagination is ever lost, and nothing is wasted in the universe. It then behooves you to live this life, not cautiously, but with exuberance, confident that you, in your present-day actions, are laying a good foundation for a “Life to Come” in the future. All that is expected is that you do as well as you can.

I am not inferring that you should be a do-gooder, a spiritual icon, walking softly and speaking quietly with your head hung in submissive subservience to God. I do not suggest you spend your Sundays groveling on your knees in holy reverence in a church. I am not saying that you should learn inspiring, spiritual quotations in the Bible, Dao, or Tao or hunker down in some mountaintop cave or monastery, living in seclusion, contemplating your navel.

I am simply suggesting that you live your life to the fullest within your scope of awareness for the benefit of yourself and your compatriots and inflict no harm on others to the best of your abilities. Of course, that includes all living consciousness, i.e., the animals and other creatures that share the planet with you. In this way, you are setting up the opening act for your next life drama and won’t be disappointed with the results.


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