What Am I Meant to Do in This Life?

I do not think the question of lifestyle causes is as deep as we make it. I assume what drives the question, frustrates, and confuses us approximately is how we need to experience ourselves rather than something else. However, we seem to miss that target more than we intended and hit it. We do not know it’s a real and worthy goal. Nor do we need to experience responsibility or be uncomfortable with our selections. Often, we convince ourselves there’s Only One Right Choice, which scares us. This preference is not purported to be deciding on the crimson tablet or the blue pill in The Matrix film.

What led me to this topic turned into a thought procedure I became interested in, wondering why a few people are more pressured to explore and pass towards and into religious awareness and a few are more pressured in the direction of monetary and belongings gain (legally or illegally attained), with little to no focus on spirituality. Is one path higher or more valid than the alternative? I do not have the Source information, so I won’t attempt to answer that query. It could be a useless question, like “why” often is. However, I have some thoughts about this that I’m at ease sharing.


We realize that one of the Universal Laws is Polarity. This manner that the entirety has a duality about it has its pair of opposites, which might be the same in nature but specific in diploma (e.g., hot and cold are polarities of temperature). The Law of Polarity is mutable; anything going on can be transcended. For example, there are high-quality and terrible thoughts. However, both are minds, and both of them may be shifted. If matters aren’t going properly, you could turn your mind so your bad mind does not crush you and may affirm Truths that elevate you. If things are going nicely, you could sabotage yourself with terrible questioning. Polarity continues the momentum so that stagnation does not occur. We should be inspired by internal and outer movement by using the contradictions we revel in.

Back to lifestyle purpose or what we intend to do on this lifestyle. What if your riding query is a way to attain extra money and stuff, and the spirituality factor takes a backseat or isn’t always even in the vehicle? It’s feasible you are attuned to having a primarily physical-material revel in this lifetime–for your soul’s purposes, something they may be. If this is your course, this using force in your life is but a line on the abundance-prosperity polarity graph.

Maybe it’s intense for you, and also, you should come to be or do emerge as a millionaire or billionaire. Maybe it is slight. Maybe it’s low, at the opposite cease of the spectrum. Perhaps along the manner, or for your greater mature years, your spiritual issue quietly nudges you to invite the way you, on your bodily-cloth mindset, can contribute to your life and the lives of others and the way you (and maybe others) can evolve as a result. After all, you could be a beneficiant, worrying billionaire who does several big and small sincerely right works from the coronary heart and by no means consciously or intentionally entertain a spirituality-associated thought on this lifetime.

What if your driving query is set how you can contribute to your existence and the lives of others, in addition to having a deeply nonsecular revel in a bodily-cloth environment? This may additionally lead you to shift backward and forward among identifying how to exist and evolve in both, on your own soul’s purposes. You can also locate yourself on the intense cease of this measuring stick and be the person who meditates in a cave and is based on others to convey food, water, and different components to you. Or you can experience that looking to do both materiality and spirituality creates contradictions within you–because you question the importance of doing what enables preserve you and your life instead of pursuing or attaining spiritual consciousness.

Your question approximately this will block the stability you can enjoy, so you have all you need in both regions. We see it all the time: the spirituality-primarily based character who struggles to preserve their life. Not handiest is their war an inner one, however an outer one as nicely: some individuals query why such humans fee for their offerings and agree that the offerings must be free or nominal because they are not secular in nature. However, no one argues approximately charges with a plumber when they need one.

You would possibly investigate the two “paths” above as polarities. However, each makes contributions to our unified reports of lifestyles. We can not all sit in caves, figuratively and or literally talking. We can not get all attention solely on tangible and financial belongings. Both materiality and spirituality are wished for life to flourish. Whichever such polarity paths you are in shape into at the moment, we are all intended to technique reviews and evolve to a few degrees because of them.

It’s as much as each people to discern how we can specific ourselves even as here. And this will be in a single way or several ways. But it’s far approximately what we revel in, what we’re right at, what we’re inquisitive about, short-term and/or long-term period, and what and how we contribute three or the various. And what we contribute can be in a few massive or grand ways or via numerous small kindnesses that ripple outward in a returns-to-you and a pay-it-forward kind of way.

I’ve had several incarnations in this lifetime. I started as a singer, with prevailing awards and scholarships and training for the opera. Then amid other make-a-living-based and existence stories, I became an artist in three mediums and did six hundred portions of artwork in five years. There have been gallery showings with awards and wherein all my art sold, individual and company commissions, retail stores with income, and a few folks who accrued my paintings. Then I got into writing and editing, with a stretch as an existence empowerment train thrown into the middle of this.

These days, I balance my vicinity in that 2d description above (bodily-non secular) via writing my weekly articles–like the one you’re studying now–and include them in my weekly newsletter that still highlights the spirituality-primarily based works of guest experts each week. But the other aspect I do, which allows preserving my existence and my ardor for phrases and the tapestries they weave, is services for writers, particularly new writers.

This painting drives my bus! Simultaneous with this, I’m usually increasing, increasing, and evolving my nonsecular solidity and nonsecular consciousness, which additionally drives my bus. I no longer query which one is to have greater importance (I used to try this). I’ve landed within the flowering discipline of whole-beingness: Everything I do contributes something, in a few manners, to me and others. I draw close the importance of each materiality and spirituality for this enjoy I’m having, simply as one coin has facets. I’ve emerged as keenly aware that I can’t do one without affecting or influencing the alternative.

I share a number of my very own tale to see that you could comply with your route in your own manner. You are intended to. Your course can lead you till the instant you’re prepared to steer yourself and pick what it’s far you desire to do this fulfills you on all levels or as many degrees as possible for the moment or a lifetime. What you are intended to do is discover your bliss, as Joseph Campbell stated. Only you already know or can decide what that is. And it may not be in a single way best. What you’re intended to do–your existence cause–is a sense, no longer a movement or a thing or someone. Find your feeling. It’s your song, your dance, your lifestyle. And it will affect something you pick to do and the way you select to explicit it.

Using Professor Dumbledore to Harry Potter, one line of debate that usually speaks to me is that this: “It is not our abilities that show who we are, but our selections.” You could have stellar capabilities, skills, and capabilities and waste them or be too afraid to discover and show them in your gain and or the gain of others. You can be excellent at what you do and additionally be an alcoholic. You can do one factor or a range of factors nicely that provides enough earnings to hold you were surviving or thriving and additionally be a person others love, respect, consider, rely on, and want the employer off. You can display to people what you may do, and you may show people who you are. Your selections will do that via default, anyway.

Rather than wondering so much approximately what you must be doing or showing others what you can do so that you earn approval, attention extra on who you need to be and show yourself, in addition to others, which you definitely are. And if you make or have made choices you desire you hadn’t or regret, forgive yourself; determine to select a higher way if ever faced with a comparable desire. You usually have the choice to do and be better.

Stephen Covey stated, “But until someone can say deeply and clearly, “I am what I am today due to the alternatives I made the previous day,” that person cannot say, “I select in any other case.” What we are supposed to do in this life is make choices, ideally, conscious ones instead of reactive ones; although, we typically (optimistically) recognize sooner or later that that is a part of our direction we are here to travel. We can make choices that aid us or reputedly don’t. I say reputedly do not, because on occasion you get wherein you’re going through touring a returned road in preference to a superhighway. We can make choices that contribute to one or many others or options that detract. Choose to contribute in methods appropriate for you and others. Sometimes what this means to you requires you to parent it out for yourself, but it is a first-rate shape of GPS for a greater enjoyable existence.


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