Here’s what you should know before purchasing an electric two-wheeler

Electric vehicles are the future, and with India being a predominantly two-wheeler market, true change will only occur when the market shifts to electric two-wheelers. However, considering purchasing an electric two-wheeler, you must know the pros and cons. Here are some of them.

The pros of an electric two-wheeler

  1. Tax incentives: The government promotes electric mobility and offers incentives to purchase an electric two-wheeler and scrap old petrol-powered ones. For example, the Delhi government is currently running a campaign that waives off the tax and registration fees for two-wheelers and offers purchase incentives of up to Rs. 30,000 and a scrapping incentive of up to Rs. 5,000 if you also scrap your old petrol-powered two-wheeler.
  2. Reduced noise: Our cities are constantly noisy, and electric two-wheelers can help reduce that noise by being completely silent. This is especially helpful if you live in a quiet neighborhood with many elderly residents.
  3. Pollution-free mobility: Electric vehicles have no emissions, meaning pollution can be reduced significantly in the metros where they are mostly used.
  4. Easy to ride: No gearbox exists because maximum torque is available with an electric motor from zero rpm. You do not have to learn to shift gears – twist the throttle, and you’ll be rewarded.
  5. High efficiency: Electric vehicles typically convert over 77 percent of their energy to power at the wheels, while even the most efficient petrol-powered vehicles can manage only 30% at best.
  6. Low cost of ownership: An electric two-wheeler’s high energy efficiency also means that it is far cheaper to operate than a petrol-powered two-wheeler. In addition, there is no need for oil changes or any adjustments to the engine or fuel delivery systems that are typical of petrol-powered vehicles.
  7. Better loan schemes. With the government encouraging electric two-wheelers, financial institutions frequently offer plans like lower two-wheeler loan interest rates, making purchasing an electric two-wheeler easier.

The cons of an electric two-wheeler

  1. Performance: Batteries can be heavy, so balancing performance with the weight penalty of adding more batteries can be tricky. Only the best and latest electric two-wheeler technology allows for improvements in battery power density and weight, but that might make them a little expensive.
  2. Range: Range anxiety is a real thing with electric vehicle owners. It is difficult for EV manufacturers to accurately predict usage patterns and find the right balance between installing more batteries to increase range versus the weight penalty they represent.
  3. Charging time: Electric vehicles can take much time to charge fully, unlike petrol tanks that fill up in a few minutes.
  4. Battery pack replacements. Battery packs for electric two-wheelers are not inexpensive, and if running an electric vehicle is a long-term plan, you might have to replace the battery pack one or two times during your ownership.

With the growing market for electric vehicles, it’s time to make the shift and stay ahead of the curve. Browse through the available options and make sure you choose an option that fits your budget; you can get a two-wheeler loan and an electric two-wheeler for your daily needs.


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