Daniel Chiriac: Creating a Life of Art via Painting Beauty

Daniel Cristian Chiriac, born 1972 in Romania, paints oil on canvas. His desired styles are realism and surrealism. After a protracted period of abstractionism (earlier than 2006), Chiriac rediscovered the lovely artwork of the vintage masters. Being increasingly more interested in the old master’s techniques, he slowly abandoned the summary artwork fashion and grew to become to surrealism, exceptional realism, and classical realism style. Most of his time is devoted to his little daughters and spouse and of direction, creating artwork. Here these days, he brings to us his story whole with perspicacity and personal anecdotes regarding his experience of life as an artist.

As for the second painting, I was thinking about this problem for multiple years earlier than getting started out painting it. I noticed this title on the street. It changed into a theater play. The play is quite difficult to understand and I didn’t see it so my composition has nothing in commonplace with it except for the name. All the foundation got here from that name around which I evolved the tale starting from this question:

What if Don Juan had stopped flying from one flower to any other? According to the legend of Don Juan, he failed to forestall seducing ladies and his quit become in hell… However, being myself a romantic kind, I notion that, ensure situations, Don Juan should have additionally been seduced and so, to discover “the simplest one” that turned into clearly for him.

This is the difficulty of my “The final love of Don Juan”… Nicely, I assume that the name should be “The best love of Don Juan” due to the fact I assume all his “hobby” turned into handiest a performance, not love due to the fact I do agree with in actual love made out of devotion, appreciate and sacrifice (alas, so depreciated in nowadays of exacerbated egoism)… And therefore that is my version of the legend of Don Juan ending: I think that Don Juan may want to have observed his authentic love with divine assist most effective.

The foreground sculptural element along with the chalice, the hand, and the pomegranate represents the lifestyles of Don Juan as we knew it: full of lust, carnal pride, in a continuous hunt to feed the private satisfaction, all of these, beneath a demonic impact.

With divine help – that is represented by means of the dodecahedron that is an image of the heaven substance (according to Aristotle) – Don Juan observed a woman who embodied all the meanings of a virgin (observe the Virgo constellation on the dodecahedron). Only an excellent Virgo should “capture” the soul of Don Juan, I assume.

After that, Don Juan realized that his preceding life became only a mask and casts it off after which flew for his love on a silver string to the Moon. The Moon itself is at the primary quarter because of this that the new love is growing.

Actually, when is about influence, I can’t give a selected name I very much like Caravaggio and he inspired me. Then there are various Old Dutch painters. But, the principle affect in my realist artwork comes from modern-day realist artists who I suppose are better in depictions, yet, maybe no longer as proper at the crafting-side of making a portray. I mean by using that in regards to using techniques that make sure a superb and lengthy maintenance of paintings.

How long have you ever taken into consideration your self an artist?

Maybe considering the fact that I was sixteen or 17… Not positive exactly, however, I’m certain I changed into wondering that I actually have inventive competencies. This turned into also a time whilst even though I wasn’t drawing a single line I considered I made art honestly by way of on foot on a street or speak to pals. My mind becomes manner way too open to what artwork making is. Anyway, I have become assured that I’m an artist after I commenced making a residing through artwork.

Tell me about your first revel in painting with oil:

Oh, this is thus far inside the past! I was a child… Was I 7 or eight? Not positive exactly what turned into my age whilst the circle of relatives friend, who is also the only who initiated me in art, made me a present field of oil coloration tubes. He gave it to me and not anything greater. No commands, no steerage… Not anything! As you would give a chocolate to a kid and it’s something obvious that kids realize what to do with. Also, he failed to provide me with a canvas. So that I painted my first oil painting on paper. That kind of paper you may discover for kid’s watercolors. Had no thinner either, so of direction, my brushes have been ruined.

I keep in mind that the greatest surprise becomes to see how long oils take to dry! And additionally, how many things get dirty… I nevertheless remember the concern turned into a still life of a handmade vase having some roses implemented on it like an excessive-alleviation sculpture. In the vase have been roses, too. It changed into my “early masterpiece” an issue for my mom to praise to her pals long afterward. Well, quite exceptionally for me, I liked that portray, too. It’s a rule for me no longer liking my artwork a variety of weeks… Nicely, with 2 – 3 exceptions.

What matters encourage you to create art?

Things that I suppose are lovely. And that can be the whole lot. It relies upon by means of the artist’s eye. After all, isn’t always the artist’s task to identify beauty in which the normal eyes see nothing however regular things and so, to bring them face-to-face with that beauty through the work of artwork?

I consider a humorous situation approximately an issue that stimulated me. Well, it’s really that it changed into after I became abstractionist, so I’ve were given excuses. So, being in the toilet and having not anything, I saw some cracks in the partitions with ceramic tiles and discovered that design thrilling. I appeared over them, canalized then and came to the realization there is a pleasant problem for a painting. If you look over my summary gallery, you may see a polyptych portray (four pieces), inexperienced colors predominant, few of reds and blues. That’s the resulted artwork inspired through the crackled bathroom ceramic tiles.

What are you looking to carry via your artwork? What does it mean to you?

Well, I accept as true with that an artist is to carry as much as the worldview beauty, actually splendor as the main rule. The relaxation needs to be an extraordinary exception. I think that what does not fall below this rule isn’t always art. As I assume that an artist’s eye has to be taught to look beautiful, I don’t attempt to carry anything but splendor and this indicates the entire philosophy to me. No different philosophy, not any alembicated discourse like “noticed in mild of art, anchored inside the synergy of information, the recourse to reality, do no longer elude the meanders of concrete area.”

I’m strolling at the vegetable marketplace and spot a delectable sweet pepper for soup; I see pleasing still lifestyles portray. Also, like the solution to the previous query, one might also most effective see some cracks in the tiles, I may see a portray. So, my project is to reveal the beauty therein which no different eye sees it but the artist’s eye does.

Funny thing is that, so regularly I do not use that pile of thoughts to start a new portray but the latest concept that struck me. This why an artist ought to be a monk if he wants nearly all his thoughts transposed onto the canvas (or another help… In any other case learn how to paint a good deal faster, now not so gradual as me. As I stated earlier than, thoughts come from everywhere in the region from the restroom or vegetable market to the real reality at dream truth.

When it’s miles approximately realist artwork, I set down the model, I do the composition, and then I start to portray. Quite simple. I don’t make multiple compositions to pick out from as I’m confident on my first impulse. Painting technique itself is a love/hate pastime for me. Until 2006, all of my existence, while a child, despite tips of that early mentor who gave me the first oils and who truly hated abstract art, I cherished abstractionism and I created for this reason. Well, there was any such pleasure to color so! On correct days (OK, nights) I had been painting 2, 3 or even four artwork! The primary hassle was that that pleasure turned into quick lasting… Like a power drink… There’s best one painting from that length I nonetheless like – Solar Incandescence.

Since surrealism and realism, I almost hate painting technique itself because it is so slow – 2 days for a small ACEO miniature (2.Five x 3.Five inches) to now and again months for large paintings like “Till the quit of time”. The reward of this pain comes substantially while the portray is ready. Yes is genuine, the pleasure of photograph I actually have carried out disappears ultimately, but it lasts much longer and gives me a lot greater pride and offers me a complete feeling and confidence that I’m actually an artist. I did not see a great deal of distinction between me and a carpet dressmaker when I changed into abstractionist (forgive me carpet designers).

When it’s far approximately surrealism, an idea will become caricature then comic strip an initial composition drawing. Then I search for models of objects in my surreal composition. If human our bodies, it is time for image taking pictures session: me, my wife and my children. If gadgets of any kind, an image taking pictures too. Of path, there’s continually want for hand drawings as well.

Then, to hurry up the method, I use my pc to mock-up from pix and hand drawings into a photograph as close feasible to the final portray picture. I may additionally or now not (most usually, now not) do some color research. With that photograph on the display screen, I start drawing on a paper at the same size as the canvas. I make adjustments if I feel it’s miles wanted, I switch it onto the canvas… And… Once more, the sluggish process of painting starts offevolved.


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