Everything Does Not Happen For a Reason – Biotechnology Creates Changes

I even have a strong religion. And only a few matters shake it. One issue I don’t forget: shaking it and shaking it hard became waking up the morning of April sixteen, 2007, and turning at the television most effectively to look at a “unique news document.” There were a few kinds of taking pictures (in development) at W. Va. Tech. However, details were “nevertheless sketchy.” As always, I tried to think the great, and perhaps this becomes some hostage state of affairs, and all people could be exceptional. It changed into now not to be. It turned out, of direction, to be the deadliest taking pictures rampage using an unmarried shooter in U.S. History, on or off a faculty campus. In a flash, the inspiration for my religion has been shaken. I strive now not to impeach God. For goodbye, I held onto that worn-out-old philosophy (that now I regularly sense is cliché previous at exceptional) this is “Everything happens for a motive.” I found no motive for this. I determined it mindlessly, and if I hung on to that notion, “everything takes place for a cause,” to me, it’s for the lazy man or woman’s excuse.


I sat at my domestic office table for the next few days, unable to cognizance or concentrate. I felt in addition to how I felt after September 11, and, which is oddly sufficient, my first memory of such “wandering the universe” changed in my teens, looking at the frame baggage coming home from Viet Nam, and, upon coming into university, absolutely losing pals in that conflict. It became, like even these days, looking at the news and hearing of frame luggage of young people in Iraq, I even have decided to forestall the silly belief of using the term, or at least the use of it as rarely as feasible, “everything takes place for a purpose.” It, too, without problems, makes me a nonparticipant in the international in which I live. It supplies me an excuse not to write about, communicate about it, attempt an open-ended democratic discussion, and pray the right phrases to the arms of the right individual who can prevent tstopeasoning.” At age fifty-four, I sense that so long as I am alive and kicking in the free U.S. , it is unreasonable not to speak out, paint, suppose, and try to locate approaches to make the sector a better region for everyone. All life is treasured to me, and I cost the imaginative democracy of America more than anyone will ever know, wherein someone can question, to venture, that notion of “the whole thing happening for a motive.”

A few nights after the tragic West Virginia event, I had a dream. I generally tend to hold a pen and pad via my mattress, as, being in cartooning and e-commerce, I sense that a number of my first-rate ideas come to me in my sleep while my attention is as open and loose as it will ever be.

Suddenly, within the dream, I was instructed to invent a product that had by no means been created (or much, much less even dreamed approximately). It could be an existence-saving product. It could require excessive-tech and knowledge of biotechnology, physics, etc. I had no education (my schooling changed to Internet Technology), which could be useless in this product, besides its marketing.

It becomes a bizarre dream. I was in a technological know-how lab with some scientists, and we watched a huge screen television. In the funny TV business of “Life Alert,” the woman “Help, I’ve fallen, and I can’t stand up.” One of the scientists instructed me that this generally does not show up. When critical emergencies appear, more regularly than not now, the victim is either unconscious or too disoriented to push a button and cry for help. What turned into wished was a fully automatic automated bracelet that could continuously monitor important signs (even oxygen proximity), save medical records, and, in fact, “dial and text message” the nearest 911 or emergency middle with a complete explanation of the person’s name, scientific journals, vicinity, and so forth.

In the dream, I was given a “crash path” in biotechnology and designed the device. I even named it “Insert Alert” in my imagination; even though it isn’t always surely inserted into the body, it’s miles noninvasive and has sensors that could “examine” one’s insides.

It even monitors blood pressure, bringing me back to the dream. Had one best child (as though that had been not enough) been shot in West Virginia, 911 might have been alerted right away. Subsequently, the possibility of others being shot could have been diverted. Even if the only shot had not been wearing the tool, it would have raised the only wearing its blood stress and heart charge rapid enough to put on the device could vehicle-dial 911 with the emergency area. If you don’t forget, there has been a whole lot of confusion, and it took the police too long to get there, as a result giving the killer time to do his deed.

I woke up and took notes. Oddly enough, I discovered myself illustrating the tool. I downloaded the patent office work from the American Patent Office and acquired my provisionary patent. I set up a website and started elevating finances to have it built. That isn’t an easy factor; lately, approximately .001% of most inventions get any cast from traders. An investor contacted me, now not vice versa. He sufficiently positioned himself to agree with an engineering company to start improving the tool. Two PowerPoint displays had been made.

At the time, “Bluetooth” became the quality satellite TV for PC communications protocol for such gadgets, but nowadays, there are superior ways to talk with satellites. So, I made some predominant amendments to the design but left the old manner up if someone determined to replicate it. Good for them. They would have sunk tens of thousands in a device that might have barely labored. I by no means said all desires were educational. I have become lucky to have a terrific buddy with several Ph. D.s, one in physics and one in electrical engineering, and he is a senior engineer at IBM. We were close long sufficient to understand; I should open up to him. I have become, nevertheless, cautious. I told him I might talk to him about my new invention if he could supply me with a quote for my website. I felt that that would be enough protection for me if he told a fellow associate at IBM by chance. I knew he might in no way scouse borrow the concept. He gave me a glowing document, and it stays on the front web page of my website. For numerous months, I had to pull lower back at the project, when considering that generation modified a lot, and I knew I was going to must hark on 2-3 years of development even after elevating the monies to construct the prototype, then license it out to a bigger agency for mass manufacturing and distribution.


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