5 Easy Ways to Use Bamboo in Your Landscaping Project

Over the past years, bamboo has quickly become one of the top choices of professionals for their design projects–whether indoors or outdoors. Its natural look and unique properties have contributed greatly to creating beautiful results.

If at this point, you still haven’t tried using bamboo, you can start with some of the bamboo landscaping ideas that will show you how you can make the most of this amazing plant!


1. Create a Nice Focal Point

There are different varieties of bamboo that would make a nice focal point whether as an outdoor centrepiece or as a wall feature. Put it in the garden or use it to line a water feature to combine natural elements. The tropical and Asian feel created by bamboo can blend well with any space and can even command a refreshing theme.

2. Setup Hedges

Hedges create sectioned areas in a property. They also help contribute to privacy and security while outdoors. Clumping bamboo plants would be the ideal choice for hedges, unlike other commonly used plant hedges, bamboo can be cut to the desired size so that it won’t grow taller than preferred height. It also requires less maintenance since it will only need trimmings annually.

3. Add a Shade

When working on outdoor design projects, you also have to take convenience and comfort in mind. There are varieties of bamboo that can grow thick and tall to provide the shade that is ideal in an outdoor area. By doing so, you’re not just making the area a more comfortable spot, you are also making it more beautiful and pleasant to further add value to the property. Adding a shade can be in the form of shaded path walks, shaded gazebos or terraces.

4. Install it for Privacy

Privacy screens are commonly sought for areas that people want to keep private. One of the best materials recommended for privacy screens is bamboo. Aside from the raw bamboo materials that you can use, there is also a wide range of bamboo privacy screens, as well as engineered bamboo options that offer the strength and look of timber–only made more sustainable. With bamboo privacy screens, you will not just create privacy, but also provide an aesthetic installation that easily blends well with a wide range of design themes.

5. Use them as Containers

Bamboo is so versatile that it can also be used as containers. You can create plant containers from scratch or you can use ready-made bamboo planters that are elegant enough to be considered as another design addition.

Bamboo landscaping is another option that you can try to reinvent outdoor spaces. There are numerous ways to incorporate bamboo into your design ideas. Whether you prefer raw bamboo or prefabricated bamboo installations, you’ll be guaranteed of achieving outstanding results.

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