The King Is Enthralled by using Your Beauty

Listen to oh daughter, keep in mind and deliver ear. Forget your people and your Father’s house. The King is enthralled with the aid of your beauty; honor him, for he’s your Lord.

Oh, if women everywhere might engrave this phrase upon their hearts and apprehend their cost and worth as visible through the King’s eyes and now not the world’s eyes. A guy appears to have an outward look; however, God looks at the heart. The inward beauty of every lady, that smooth, mild, loving nature implanted by using God on my own that is meant to be shared with the world around them, is open to the eyes of our heavenly Father.

This global seems perfect in physical splendor and judges a lady’s worth based on outward appearances. Still, God sees the inward phenomenon of every lady with all of the imperfections and says that your beauty enthralls him!! Oh, for the King of all kings to be absorbed via your splendor! How incredible, how magnificent, how releasing! Yet many women are trapped via worldly teachings, fake advertisements, and hurtful, mendacity words spoken to them. Hurt through parents, instructors, leaders, family, friends, spouses, and strangers.


They obtained these kinds of lies into their spirits and falsely decided by using all of the lies surrounding them. Oh, if they might handiest recognize that the root of most of these lies come from the enemy in their souls and has infiltrated their minds and dirtied their hearts till it has affected their whole being. The way they suppose, the things they say, how they get dressed, how they view themselves, and how they respond to others around them. Their spirits were beaten until they experienced unworthy, unloved, and uncared for even by folks who cared for and loved them. They spend their lives pursuing recognition, seeking approaches to make human beings see them and, ultimately, “love” them.

But the more they try, the more they consider that the sector and the people in it continue to reject them. Even while folks who truly love them try to fill their lives, they may be so blinded by using lies that they cannot see the truth. Often, they may enter incorrect relationships, settling for all of us who seem to care only a little bit. Even though their heart may scream warnings, their mind refutes them in search of love. They are just searching for a person, all and sundry, to fill the empty gaps in their life. Their incorrect wondering due to all the lies that have blinded them leads them down roads of extra destruction. The enemy is always searching out approaches to spoil lives completely. A little destruction is in no way enough. His thirst to wreck is in no way happy.

Oh, for women anywhere to recognize true love! The love of the One who has adored us, considering he fashioned us in their mother’s womb! Then lovingly, as best a proud Father could deliberate each unmarried day of our lives as He hoped we’d stay it. He has written us the longest love letter ever written, and at some point, it tells us how much he loves and cares for us.

He’s constantly with us and wants to educate and manual us if most effective. We would love and agree with him! He tells us that we are the apple of his eye and has engraved us upon his palms. He fills us with joy and gladness, thanksgiving and singing. He covers us with the shadow of his hand. He defends us and offers us stunning clothes of splendor and praise. He places a crown of beauty on us and provides us with the oil of gladness.

He willingly gets all our hurts, fears, anxieties, and problems and tells us not to fear or deliver our burdens but to allow him to take them. He gives us meals for our hungry souls and water to quench our thirsty spirits. He guards, watches over us, and keeps us hidden in him. He says, “No guy shall clutch you out of my hand!” He makes us promises and by no means breaks them. He lavishes us with presents and speaks phrases of love to our spirits. He listens to us and hears each word we say. He speaks to us and hopes that we can pay attention. He chose us. He selected us! He loves us so much that he died for us.

We are his love. When do we learn to make him ours? Women of God, upward thrust up! Wake up! There is the truth you must study! But first, you should be inclined to surrender all of the lies you have willingly believed and forged on the toes of Jesus. Then allow him to replace the lies with the fact. Listen… Listen. He will dispose of the thorns and heal the wounds. You have tons to study. However, he is a super and affected person instructor. Come, allow us to cross as much as the mountain of the Lord to the residence of the God of Jacob. He will train us his methods so that we may additionally walk in his paths. Come… Come…

Father, be with my sisters. Draw them to you, Lord. Lead them to the nonetheless waters, to the quiet places in which you stay with each certainly one of them. Help them solidify all the lies at your feet and examine them to stroll for your truth and love. Remove the hurts. Heal the injuries. Help them to willingly open every location of their hearts to you, Lord, the best one that loves us for the entirety we’re. The true, the horrific, the unsightly, all the imperfections, help them to lay them completely earlier than you open and inclined.

And as they humble themselves before you, Lord, elevate them up, Father, to new locations in you. Lead them where best you may. Fill their hearts with pleasure and gladness. Please give them a new tune of praise to sing to you. Dance, chuckle, and have a good time with them. Draw them into your presence, Lord, for they were made worthy by the blood of your Son, Jesus. They are worth to be cherished. Worthy of being loved by the King of kings and Lord of lords! In Jesus’s call, Amen.


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