Reviving Your Mac Musicomputer

Suppose you’ve been doing a song for any duration of time, which you don’t need to be into recording for computers to be a massive assist. They help out in each different vicinity of lifestyles, so why have your track career — whether it’s complete-time or component-time, novice or seasoned, making a song or drumming — be any special?


Even if you’re not prepared, inclined, or capable of attempt building a sub-$1000 recording studio (not counting the cost of the computer, which you have already got, of the route), you can use your PC or Mac to do flyers for gigs, hold the books, tweak digital pics or even films, pursue some (legal) email campaigns and lots of other matters. But when you have jumped off into computer-based totally digital recording (rather than digital recording the usage of a stand-alone, difficult-disk-primarily based, all-in-one studio like a Roland V series or Korg D collection), then the pc is greater than your bookkeeper or workforce artist. It’s your co-manufacturer.

You’re the boss

Sometimes you might not sense like you’re the boss. In particular, whilst the computer freezes within the center of a session, or crashes at some point of a critical up- or download, or does any quantity of other ungeeky things. It is not uncommon for each mac and PC, when used as the hub of a busily spinning tune manufacturing surroundings, to emerge as occasionally “uncooperative.” It might not begin up at some point; it’d begin and freeze at some point; it’d just take a seat there, or it could heave and chug and pass “sproing,” too.

Let’s check what to do when the reluctant or troublemaking co-producer is not your human companion (for as soon as) but your laptop. This time we’ll examine the useless, loss of life or dysfunctional Macs, and over again, we’re going to talk about PCs. We will cope with the most common conditions, where you have power and all of the portions are hooked up right (double check your cables anyway). However, you get the notorious blinking query mark, a frozen computing device after start-up, or a start-up chime observed using zipping, zero, and nada.

Work the hassle

Numerous startup techniques permit getting around simple “admin” password protection, which is what maximum conditions involve; in different phrases, there’s in all likelihood no fancy 1/3-birthday party software running to defeat maximum or all of the following workarounds. None of the techniques are completely painless or unfastened, but you have to decide how important it’s miles that allows you to have the contents of that power at the unbootable device. Now, permits destroy down the strategies for you one after the other.

If your startup is with a Mac OS installer disk, you can go to Reset Password at the Installer or utility menu (relying on what version of OS X you get). (1) By protecting the “c” key for the duration of a startup, you may boot from a CD or DVD with a legitimate Mac System on it. Some G4’s (silver-door tower and in advance) will boot into both OS 9 or OS X so that you can get one or the opposite versions of each. You can purchase the very last OS nine bundle (9.2) for approximately $50, or you may purchase Mac OS X with the modern-day model (10.5), putting you lower back $100 or so. If you do not want the most modern model of OS X, you could buy 10.3 or maybe 10.2 so that it will value you notably less than the modern-day launch. And then you definately’re in a commercial enterprise.


(2) Another startup alternative is to do just that — meaning preserve the “Option” key as you hit the power transfer or keyboard button. This permits you to choose a boot quantity amongst any related drives, consisting of Firewire gadgets. The simplest way this could paintings is to have an outside Firewire force connected to your laptop with a Mac OS and a few utilities set up. Although the Mac additionally has USB ports, you can’t begin up from an outside USB pressure; do not accept as true with everybody who says in any other case. Look it up on Apple’s website online for yourself. Who is aware of why they made ’em that manner, but they did. If you can beg, borrow or steal an outside Firewire force with a System and utilities already on it, this may be absolutely paintings. Then you may return up something you want from the pressure before reformatting it. If you can not borrow this kind of tool, one might value you about one hundred greenbacks, plus you’d need the OS to place on it, so this is a probably steeply-priced alternative.

(three) A slightly extra geeky technique is to maintain down “Options” whilst taking off so that OS X boots into “high-quality user mode.” No password is required to muck around with what is referred to as “Root” get right of entry. Of direction, you will be the use of Unix commands at this point. If you don’t know Unix at all, you may likely get sufficient assist from Wikipedia and different geeky assets on the line to discover ways to search for out and disable the password safety scheme. If you are not a “laptop type,” though, this might be now not a sensible alternative for you. This is a loose alternative, money-clever, but you could do untold harm mucking round in Mac’s mind, if you’ll, if you’re not positive about what you’re doing.

(four) Finally, you could begin up even by protecting the “t” key down and turn the Mac right into a Firewire goal disk. This means that you could actually plug the computer into any other Mac and that other Mac will see the primary as an outside drive. Then you could reproduction all of the files you need to keep to the borrowed Mac or to an outside drive that you have also installed to it. This choice, like #2 above, calls for coming up with some device from somewhere, and of the route you need to beg or borrow it (now not scouse borrow) it if cash is tight. Do you have any buddies with a Mac pc (a third millennium PowerBook, iBook, or new MacBook or MacBook Pro with the Intel chips)? Sure, you may use a more modern iMac or a Mac Pro tower, but a laptop positive would be less difficult. You will also want a Firewire cable (an “A to A” one, which means each end is the same size).

You’re no longer by yourself.


If you’ve got a sad (or konked out) Mac, that is what you’re up against. It can seem hopeless at times. However, it’s not. In the Old Days, Macs had been fairly smooth to troubleshoot and maintain. Not so to any extent further with the Unix-based totally OS and greater state-of-the-art hardware. But, with a touch of help, you may do it. If you want extra technical help, there are actually loads of Mac-targeted websites in which anybody from noobs (novices) to energy users can get keep of the excellent Mac troubleshooting assist. Even some freeware or shareware restore utilities.


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