Twinning Fashion: The New “Hot Thing”

We all know this horror very well: you walk into a dinner party with all your glamorous vibe and confidence, strutting the latest trendy designer pair you got, and then all of a sudden, you make eye contact with a stranger, or worse, your enemy sporting the same outfit.

“Oh! You have a twin!”

Yes, my dear friends, that can make you feel like you want to strangle her or yourself. But here’s the thing. Wearing an identical wardrobe is no longer a “what’s not hot” this year. A week ago, the New York Fashion Week for the 2017 Spring Collection at Monse proved that matching looks are even better than we can imagine. Two hot twin models took over the spotlight as they walked side by side wearing off-the-shoulder shirtdresses and pinstriped skirts with only a slight difference in the style (basically, the other model wore an extra-wide belt).

Twinning Fashion

Matching looks had been around for quite some time. They are not limited to twins having to wear the same outfit all the time. If you recall, boy bands and girl pop groups in the 90s were often seen performing wearing matching looks, so this is not a surprise for millennials. The Olsen sisters were famous fashionistas who sport-checked street-style looks without being too literally identical. Moreover, it is the same as Veronique Branquinho’s 2015 Spring collection that presented the “how to’s” twin-match outfits in similar tones, but it didn’t get as hype as this year.

This year, runways are hiring more and more twin models since it appears to play into this modern flux in what is perceived as “beautiful.” Each year is a period of experimentation, bringing people to the greater and striking world of fashion, seeing new ideas of beauty on the runways, which will eventually rev up to the everyday fashionistas as a street style. Soon, twinning fashion may not be seen infrequently anymore.


I am interested in why, this year, the fashion industry got fascinated with twinning. Its domination stoked Mulberry’s creative director, Johnny Coca, which led him to play with the “twinness” on an autumn 2016 advertising campaign with only a few tweaks to differentiate the looks slightly. But on the other hand, it is just in time that it gets recognition. The streets should be the next big thing to reveal the results of twinning fashion.

I get it. You are not marching the runway. So, let’s set the New York Fashion Week aside and understand how you can rock this new trend on the loose. Don’t shy away from partaking in this latest trend because you can add many complimentary additions to matching ensembles that can still highlight a distinct look. You can even keep your signature style if you want. A Détacher, Rebecca Minkoff, and Oscar de la Renta are only those who presented designs that hint at more ideas to play with your wardrobe. Not bad, right?

How Can We Pull Off This Fashion Trend?

I am not writing this entirely to shout out that there’s a new fashion hype; big names in the fashion world shared many hints about the made or making-over idealism. Here are some of the best tips coming from the gurus in the fashion world. Matching outfits shouldn’t be a problem. It should be fun! Greater ideas revealed the styles that stay on the boat. These are the pleated skirts, poplin shirts, and all sorts of unfuzzy pieces like pajama-inspired pants. Stripes stick to the trending spot as well. Let’s get down to the highlights.

Keep It In The Family

That’s a straight-out tip and a fun way to play around. If your best friend is wearing a pair of blue skinny jeans matched with a sexy off-shoulder top, then wear any of the two. Perhaps a couple of blue-flared belted jeans matched with a tank top. You can also be in the same shoes but wear them differently. Wearing similar tones and textures in alterations can be entirely fully styled.

Add Something Extra

What do I mean by this? Each of us has our favorite accessories: a hairpiece, a headband, a very eye-catching bun holder, or those adorable and fancy hair-draping hair harnesses and chains. Hats like Fedora and Floppies do work well with twinning fashion. Even as simple as adding a belt if the other person isn’t wearing one, or whatever she isn’t adding to her ensemble, add it to yours! Just like Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid strut their matching outfits, They can all spice up your ensemble despite resembling another person’s outfit. They are great at drawing attention away from having an almost identical style. Remember, parallel lines don’t meet; you should apply the same concept to pull off the twinning kind.

Let The Print Take Part But Not Take Over!

We don’t necessarily have to be compelled by what looks “alike” because it is more “complementary” or as simple as they look great together. Rank the shades of whatever printed outfit or accessories you have. The way you break down the colors won’t be the same as the other person. Use your taste when you do this since matching outfits are always based on your personality and mood. These are essential in using prints, even if we aren’t discussing twinning.

Should we be expecting more about this not-so-new but totally on the hype trend? Yes. Since the collaboration of Oscar de la Renta with Morse’s unusual fabrications of everyday styles and reincarnating it in a “mirroring” manner, you don’t even need to be always on the lookout. The streets will be invaded by people wearing twin-inspired fashion, and it is a crystal-clear accepted challenge that everyone is pretty much excited to get on.


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