Top 10 Worst Excuses For Not Performing Daily Offsite Computer Backup

1) My IT Support individual takes care of that … I assume.

Tell me, what confirmation do you have got that your vital and proprietary data is being safely stored offsite every day? “Well,” you say, “maybe not each day, but I know my pc is being sponsored up, somehow, on a semi-everyday foundation. That’s a part of what my IT man does.”


My advice: Act quickly to take manage your data because your livelihood depends on its survival. The secret’s to appoint a service that video display units your backup daily and sends you day-by-day e-mail confirmation that your backup has been completed efficiently.

You can encompass your IT man or woman within the process because he/she should have advice for a good offsite facts backup provider. The excellent IT Support humans have already got relationships in an area with trusted online backup offerings, so they feel exact approximately helping you defend your commercial enterprise the usage of the exceptional solution. They may also opt to use a hardware solution, like an outside difficult drive, to manually (repeat: manually) backup your computer systems, but that’s because they consider they have a better margin on hardware sales. Don’t rest till you can hopefully say: “Yes, my computer systems are backed up to secure offsite servers all one year 12 months.”

2) I do not have time to carry out my backup daily. Once a month is right sufficient.

Picture this: You constantly perform your month-to-month backup on the final day of the month. It’s just too awful that your laptop crashed all at once on the twenty-ninth. That’s 29 days of development down the tubes. And bet what? Computer crashes are continually unexpected.

3) My assistant performs my backup daily, besides the times that she works from home, is on vacation, or is off sick.

You recognize what they say about Murphy … He’s a real satan. When the crash takes place, it’ll make maximumly probable appear on the 10th day of your assistant’s two-week holiday. That’s just the way Murphy rolls.

4) I already do facts backup. (Yes, this is an excuse for NOT doing the everyday backup.)

I’ve heard this one extra instance than I’d like to confess. But in ninety-nine % of cases, it is an outright lie and the very best way for enterprise proprietors to dismiss me and keep away from thinking about computer backup altogether. This excuse comes from the minds which have fallen deeply into the trap of relying on generation to hold on operating as it ought to. My buddy Arthur Kaljian calls this the “Toaster Myth.” You realize like your state-of-the-art pc goes to keep on truckin’ like your 15 12 months vintage toaster nevertheless does. These are the commercial enterprise proprietors that I fear approximately maximum.

5) All I really need to be subsidized up is my bookkeeping, and my accountant shops the one’s documents for me once a year.

Again, having to recreate 6 or eight or eleven months really worth of bookkeeping statistics might be a nightmare. Consider this: on average, it takes 21 days and $19,000 to re-key 20 megabytes of accounting facts. Does that sound like something that your enterprise could without difficulty take care of and live on? I positive would not need to test that theory.

6) I’m an entrepreneur. I’m busy networking, knocking on doors, and combating for business. My agency clearly is not massive enough to want day-by-day computer backup.


If this is your excuse, you are truely not by myself. Statistics display that 40% of small corporations in Canada in no way back up their computer systems … Now not even as soon as (Globe and Mail, May sixteen, 2007). But the truth is that solopreneurs work tougher than most commercial enterprise proprietors people, and at over 70 hours in keeping with the week, definitely greater than your average worker. So how many of these 70+ hours are spent gathering names for your growing touch database? How would you sense if you lost that database, and what’s it well worth to you? I’d be inclined to bet that your database is usually extra treasured than the cost of daily online laptop backup.

7) I paintings on a laptop, which I take home every night, so my laptop is offsite.

This one’s a bit of a laugh. I can’t assist but smile once I pay attention to this excuse because, in a manner, they have got a factor. But here’s the horrifying truth: 2000 laptops are stolen every day in North America. They’re stolen from vehicles, from the check-in line at the airport, out of your workplace while you are inside the loo, or goodness forbids from your home. And laptops become the unlucky objectives for spilled espresso mugs or difficult knocks at some stage in transport. If anything, your pc is extra at danger for facts loss than your desktop computer, and it’s truly no longer an offsite answer that you should count on.

8) My computer is state-of-the-art, so I’m no longer concerned about backing it up just yet.

This would seem the most logical of all the excuses now not to again up your laptop on each day foundation. And that is why it’s been one of the most difficult excuses for me to overcome. That is until February 2007, when Google Inc. Released their widely talked-approximately whitepaper entitled Failure Trends in a Large Disk Drive Population. According to this study, that’s the maximum full-size of its kind ever completed; tough drives are the maximum possible to fail if they’re less than three months vintage or extra than 2 years antique. In other phrases, if you think day by day computer backup is unnecessary because your computer is contemporary, you will be in for a horrible marvel. The backside line is that it is not possible to expect how quickly your laptop may additionally crash.

9& 10) Daily offsite backup is just too high-priced, and it’s no longer in my price range this 12 months.

This excuse receives two locations on the list because it is the most common and the maximum risky. This excuse is largely answerable for the reality that 70% of small businesses that suffer a primary records loss go out of enterprise within 12 months (Globe and Mail, May sixteen, 2007).

Why work so tough to build your commercial enterprise to its present-day level of success, simplest to observe all that work go up in smoke, be stolen out from underneath you, or be wiped out through a difficult pressure crash? Ask yourself: how many hours a day do I spend working on my computer? Then ask: how lots is my time really worth? Is a while really worth $50/hour, or $a hundred/hour, or $two hundred/hour? Because the multiplication of those two answers is simply the start of the prices, you will rack up when you have to recreate all your data from scratch. Never mind the possible price of wasted time or the embarrassment of contacting your customers to let them know you’ve lost their private records or the amount of enterprise you will lose as a result.


Most small agencies can avoid this disaster by committing to each day pc backup strategy for beneath $three hundred/12 months. For example, as of July 31, 2007, my average consumer paid $287.05/12 months to have all of their important records routinely backed up to comfy offsite servers all three hundred and sixty-five days a year. If you need to beg, borrow, or, well, borrow $24.00 a month to defend the future of your commercial enterprise, then this is exactly what you need to do.


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