Tips For Buying Your First Apple Computer

As always, making a computer purchase is normally not a easy task; you’re always looking for the best bang for your buck, is it a good product, etc. Especially if you are thinking about switching from a Windows-based computer to something you have never heard before called an Apple Computer or Macintosh.

Apple Computer

I know when I thought about doing the switch myself, I had no clue what to expect on my purchase or which computer Apple offered was the right one for me. I will try to help you decide which Apple computer is right for you out of my personal experience when deciding to make the switch from Windows to Apple (OS X).

I am going to break down each Apple computer by giving you my thoughts and opinions on what I think is the best for certain types of users and what will work and what won’t. Every person has a different agenda when using a computer, some for Graphic Design, Video Editing, Web Surfing, etc. That leaves some Apple computers better than others, depending on what you see yourself using the computer for.

Apple Laptops Macbook

Basic model laptop offered by Apple, and a very well priced computer starting (Classic White) 2.1 GHz for $999, 2.0GHz for $1299, and 2.4GHz for $1599. Also, since the recent update, the MacBook is a great computer, not too much different from the Macbook Pro, only in specs and screen size. The Macbook screen size is 13.3, which might turn some people off to this laptop.

Why should I buy the Macbook?

This is a computer designed for your professional market or user. MacBook Pro prices start at 2.4 GHz $1999, 2.53GHz $2400. The Macbook Pro offers a 15.4-inch screen size which is a major plus for screen size or a person looking for a lot of screen real estate. For more information, head over to the Apple website.

Why should I buy the Macbook Pro?

  • Has 2 Graphic Cards (NVIDIA GeForce 9400M + 9600M GT)
  • It can do everything the Macbook can, but better and faster!
  • Faster Processor then Macbooks
  • Great for Video Editing, Graphic Design, and other high intense computer applications
  • MacBook Air

A great basic laptop for your business-type person or someone that is on the go all the time and not looking for a lot of power. It comes in two models, 1.6 GHz for $1799 and 1.86 GHz for $2499; as you can see, not very much power for your money! I highly would not recommend getting the Macbook Air; I would rather go with a Macbook for the price, more for your money!

I do not see any reasons you would want to buy this laptop other than the reasons listed above. I think it is very overpriced for what you get, and to me, it feels just like a show off the computer, like look what I bought, because I can. I’m sure people will disagree, but if I am going to spend $1799 to $2499 for a computer, it better has more power!


Apple Desktops iMac

Apple offers four different versions of the iMac computer because it offers two different versions for the screen sizes. The iMac screen sizes come in 20 inches. And 24 inches.

Personally, I think the iMac is a great desktop computer for anyone looking to buy a new computer. It is straightforward in design, and all the computer parts are built into the monitor, and the only other things you have are the keyboard and mouse.

When I buy my next computer, I am looking at this being my next one because it has everything you need! Simple and sweet, and a sleek design!

Why should I buy an iMac?

  • Sleek and innovative computer, nothing other PC quite like it
  • Very well priced!
  • Simple Design
  • Powerful
  • Mac Pro

This is Apple’s top-of-the-line computer priced at $2799, spec at 3.2 GHz. The Mac Pro is used highly in professional settings such as top film editing studios, recording studios, and 3D modeling. For me, this computer is the dream computer because it is rather pricey, but it is Apple’s best computer offer.

I really do not need to list out the reasons to buy this computer. If your job is Video Editing, Music Production, 3D modeling, high intensive computer applications, this is the computer for you! The only hidden thing about making this purchase is that it does not include a monitor. Apple Cinema displays are very exactly. If you want a computer that will last you at least 3-5 years and is upgradeable, then the Mac Pro is your choice! I hope these tips and break down will help you decide what Apple computer is right for you! Also, I hope you get a feel for what computer that Apple offers is meant to be used for, so you do not go out and buy a computer that you really do not need, or you bought one that is not powerful enough for what you need.


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