The Mirror of Beauty

The probe of the human mind has marked every inch of success, but the art of drawing parallels for what beauty is has remained a great mystery. For some philosophers, beauty is the degree of attraction and admiration an observer provokes. However, it is argued that the same beauty does not affect everyone in the same way. It varies dramatically. A few think tanks have defined it as a degree of perfection, but perfection in one field may not interest an observer. So beauty is tough to explain fully, but it may be said that it is a comparison game. Suppose there is only one woman in the world; now the question is whether she is beautiful. Unambiguously, the answer is that you can’t say anything because you don’t have another woman to compare with.


But sailing beyond the ocean of imagination, one realizes that a factor determines the degree of beauty, i.e., a personal dictionary, which translates the mortals and assigns a degree of beauty. The holy words of human history will peep out from the gale of truth and strongly proclaim that Juliet was a goddess for Romeo, a god for her, and rest, the particles of dust. Heer for ranjha was enough, and he for her, to lead their whole life with few straws of love. But remember, if all the lovers of the world are invited to a party to ask who amongst all is the most beautiful, they certainly shall stamp the claim of beauty on the hearts and souls of their own beloved, which indeed is not their narrow-mindedness but a natural fact that ‘beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder.’

One day, a great historian whispered a story in my ears…


‘once upon a time, there was a king so fond of beauty that he called his most loyal and faithful negro slave and ordered him to go from east to west and from north to south and fetch him such a paragon of beauty that neither moon would have risen with such splendors, nor the oysters of the ocean would have given birth to such magnificent pearls; neither ladies of paradise would have looked so charming not the preachers of beauty would have been able to give such bewitching example, neither any artist would have created such mind-blowing portrait nor a poet from the depth of his imagination would have been able to compose such riveting verse; neither any dove would have its pinion soar such marvelously not the Aphrodite would have marked such excellence. And if I say for her that she is the most beautiful spirit God ever created, then the claimants of beauty should have said:’ We are like lumps of coal in a mine, and she a diamond among us.’ So, go my man whose head a crown of my faith rests, on whose shoulders stars of firm belief shine, and on whose chest medals of sure obedience are stamped. Go and present me the beauty that should be praised and witnessed by the twinkling stars.’

The negro servant bowed down and went away calmly to the peaks from where the sun pierced its shining fingers into the dark curtains of the night, from where Shakespeare and Shelley enjoyed drinks of inspiration, from where the portrait of Mona Liza was found, and from where moon extracts its gleaming light. Thus, he went through plains to mountains, valleys to deserts, unfathomable cares to celestial cities, and through every inch of this world where life seemed breathing.

After tireless efforts, he went to the king and presented him what seemed the goddess of beauty to him, his Negro daughter. At this, the king asked, ‘Did you not find any soul more beautiful than this?’ He kept silent for a while, then raised his head and said: ‘Your Excellency, my blood shall be showered in your feet if I speak but the truth. You asked me to bring Aphrodite, but I brought my Negro daughter; the reason was my loyalty. Your Excellency, for you, her black complexion may seem like coal in the dark, but for me, it is as beautiful as a back rose or a diamond. To you, her dry hair may look like that of a witch of some old myth dancing in the woods, but for me, her hair is no less than the curtains of paradise. To you, her wrinkled hands may seem like a deserted sight of this land, but to me, they seem like gods; to cope with the world’s fate, it has sketched these lines on it. To you, her eyes may seem like those of angels when embodying eyes have mistaken, but to me, success. Her wide nose may seem like dark, unfathomable caves of the Stone Ages, but to me, it is no less than Noah’s Ark. Therefore, Your Excellency, my obedience and loyalty to you compelled me to bring my daughter to you.’


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