The Best Flight Simulator Computer Game

Lately, I have been posting an awful lot of business stuff and it seems I have been neglecting my EzineArticles account for a few months now. I thought today I would write about something more fun and compelling, as opposed to the same old boring business jargon. I decided to write about flight simulation and which games I prefer that provide the most realistic flight simulation experience.

You will find several different types of flight simulation games, some are designed for just 1 or 2 specific aircraft, some are online games, some don’t need to be online, and others provide their own equipment and use separate gaming technology that does not run on your PC.

I prefer computer flight simulator games. The things to look for in a flight sim game include things like feature support… It is not a good game if it does not support your pedals and yoke equipment. Games that don’t adapt professional equipment usually aren’t worth the money in the long run, and usually are much more limited. Do you want a game you will master too quickly that only features a couple of aircraft? Chances are not, so it is definitely better to have a flight sim with hundreds of real aircraft to choose from.

Are you looking for a fake sim game just to have fun? Or do you want a simulator based on real life terrain, with tens of thousands of real airports, and which offers you the ability to change all weather settings and make the game as realistic as possible? I would say it’s the latter for me. If you are interested in a realistic game I suggest you keep reading.

I was informed about “Pro Flight Simulator” by a good friend of mine. He recommended the game not only for it’s 120+ aircraft, 20,000 airports, 3 bonuses including a combat game, scenery designer and flight planner. He also recommended it because you can add your own custom graphics!

The graphics in the game are open source, it does come with great graphics, but if you are an artist and/or photoshopper this really comes in handy, as you can virtually replace whatever graphics you want with your own better ones. Thus completely customizing the game.



Some features I really enjoy myself regarding “ProFlight Simulator”

Awesome Helicopter selection.
Old and new Aircrafts.
Military Jets.
World wide scenery, fly over your own house.
Realistic controls, night lighting, full weather conditions, extremely accurate schools.
ProFlight Simulator is used in professional flight training.
Support all kinds of equipment, like yoke, foot pedals, throttle, and most everything else.
Full support for Windows and Mac systems.
Thriving community. Since the game is open source, it’s always being upgraded. Free updates are provided with a one time subscription payment at a reasonable price for all that you get.
This is the only flight simulator you need.
3D Cockpit views.
Real time Integration with Google Maps.
Scenery based on Actual Military Data.
Multiplayer (up to 32).
Flight combat bonus.
Just to name a few of the best features. This already beats out any other flight simulator I’ve tried, including the pain in the butt Microsoft Simulator, which after years of development should be a better game but is not. Similar to the security of their operating systems. Not to say I don’t like Microsoft, I am just very critical, when I found ProFlight I simply came to realize that there were better games out there and that I had been a bit blinded by Microsoft since it was one of the first major simulators.

By now it should be fairly obvious why I chose to review ProFlight Simulator. I have had the game for a month, I’m still having fun just toying with aircraft. The game is years and years of entertainment, a learning resource, fun, strategic, and more.

All the things I was looking for in a flight sim game covered in one piece of software and a few bonuses that come with it. Realism, educational value, customization, joystick, yoke, peddle and throttle support. Flight training. A huge selection of aircraft, jets, planes, helicopters, military, and various types of them. Over 150 aircraft… Combat, scenery design, and flight planning.


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