Selecting an Affordable Sports Bra

Whether or not you are a regular workout fanatic, a casual exerciser, or just a woman who enjoys comfort, a good quality sports bra is one piece of clothing you should never be without. Once you try the comfort of a sports bra, you will want to wear it for more than just working out. Whether or not you are a regular workout fanatic, a casual exerciser, or just a woman who enjoys comfort, a good quality sports bra is one piece of clothing you should never be without. Once you try the comfort of a sports bra, you will want to wear it for more than just working out.

Deciding on a sports bra

When purchasing a sports bra, there are several things to remember. While they may seem obvious, it is important to consider each factor before determining what type of sports bra suits you the best. The following are points to consider:

Sports Bra


Once you have determined what options suit you best, the only thing left to do is head out to the gym and get ready to work out comfortably. Size: If you find that your sports bra is uncomfortable, it may be that you are not getting the correct size when shopping for a sports bra; start with the technique you wear in a traditional bra. Could you put it on and move it around? Don’t just move your arms or jog on the spot; put it to the test. Jump up and down, bend over and jump up, generally really move about. If you feel like your breasts are not supported or seem to change locations in the bra as you are moving, you have a bra that is too large. Try going down a size and repeating the test. A sports bra that squeezes your chest too tightly will be uncomfortable to work out in and is too small.

Try several brands, as each brand will have a slightly different fit. For example, Nike sports bras come in both sizes, 34, and a size designation, for this example, small. The same is true for Under Armour sports bras and other brands. The key is that the small Nike sports bra may not fit the same as the Under Armour sports bra, so it is important to try the different brands. Color: Once you find the correct size, the next major hurdle is the Color to use. Sports bras come in various solid, patterned, mesh, contrasting, or muted colors. The sky is the limit when choosing a color. It is important to consider whether you will be wearing the bra alone or simply under other t-shirts. Remember that lighter colors and whites will eventually stain from sweat and deodorant, no matter how quickly you wash them after a workout.

Fabric blend

Most sports bras will blend polyester and spandex as the base. Nike offers a sports bra with 88% polyester and 12% spandex for the body. This combination is known as “Dri-Fit Fabric,” which wicks away moisture to provide a cool and dry effect during workouts. Under Armour sports bras offer a HeatGear fabric to move water away from your body. HeatGear is a unique product that keeps you cool even in hot and humid workouts. Avoid sports bras that have high cotton content. They will provide little support and trap the moisture close to your body, leading to chaffing and that uncomfortable, sticky feeling during your workout. In addition to the blend of fabric in the bra itself, check the texture and softness of the straps and the closure. Ensure they don’t dig into you when you move or bend. The whole purpose of a sports bra is to be lightweight and comfortable, not to feel like you are wearing a chest protector to your workout.

Moisture-wicking bras

You don’t know what you have been missing if you have always worked out with a conventional sports bra. Moisture or sweat-wicking bra is the answer to a cool and temperature-regulated workout. The fabric blend used by Nike and Under Armour pulls the moisture away from your skin. Not only does this help increase evaporation and allow the body to keep cool, but it also prevents chaffing and rubbing as the moisture is not allowed to build up into the fabric of the bra and your sensitive skin. Moisture-wicking bras have no cotton in the fabric blend and, therefore, don’t retain moisture. The smooth and sleek fabric of the Nike sports bra and the Under Armour sports bra is designed to provide maximum support and moisture movement.

After working out in a conventional sports bra, you will notice red lines and indentations where the fabric rubbed or cut into your skin. This happens because the bra needs to be tight to provide support. Moisture-wicking bras have the support built right into the fabric, and don’t rely on that band at the bottom to hold them tightly in place. If you sweat during your workout, investing in a moisture-wicking bra like the Nike Dri-Fit fabric or the Under Armour HeatGear line of sports bras is well worth the additional expense. You will be hooked forever once you try these lightweight, high-quality, and excellent support sports bras. After making all these choices, there are still a few basic do’s and don’ts when purchasing sports bras. To summarize:

Do Try on the sports bra before you buy io. Jump around and make sure you feel supported

Check for any chaffing or rubbing when you are moving around. Watch for any hooks or zippers that seem to rub or scrape. Make sure that you have the correct cup size, nothing pushing up or out
Take a couple of deep breaths to make sure you are not too restricted
o Make sure it is a moisture-wicking bra that will keep you cool and dry during even the most intense workout. Check the cut under the arms to make sure it is not rubbing your armpit area or cut too low to provide insufficient support


Buy a sports bra just because it is the right Color or pattern or matches your workout gear
Buy a size too small, expecting it to stretch. Nike and Under Armour sports bras will hold their shape and not push or sag even after numerous washings Buy a sports bra that rubs or irritates you when you move
It isn’t easy to get on and off
. Buy a sports bra you feel uncomfortable in. Comfort is important when you are working outo. Get a sports bra that is not moisture or sweat-wicking, especially if you sweat even lightly during your workout


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