Review of the Motorola Backflip MB300

Motorola Backflip consists of a very specific design which makes it elegant and in demand within the phone enterprise nowadays because its keyboard is positioned on its return. It is a flip phone, now not a slide cell phone. It has a square shape and rounded edges, but it has a fairly smaller footprint with a dimension of 4.25 inches in the period by way of 2.08 inches in width and 0.6 inches thick. It actually looks loads like the Motorola Cliq at first glance.

Being a turn smartphone, the keyboard is uniquely located on the back of the telephone, so whilst you swing it open, the keyboard sits right below the display. The keyboard and the screen are both faced outwards when closed. It may be flipped flat or it may stand on a table whilst looking for a film, and can even function as a virtual photo body or an alarm clock.

However, some users worry about the sturdiness of the keyboard on the flip phone, although Motorola has continuously assured its clients that the keyboard in this turn smartphone can resist for a definitive period of time. The keyboard is spacious and its rectangular buttons are super because they decrease errors whilst pressing the wrong buttons while typing. The range and image keys which can be marked in blue are doubled up with the letters marked in white, and its vivid backlight makes the keys very seen especially in a dark room. With this turn cellphone, shortcuts within the bottom row and left side supply brief links to web get entry to, search button, messages and the home and menu screens. The digital camera lens and flash is positioned in the nook of the keyboard.

When the backflip is open, a trackpad or the Backtrack navigation pad located on the lower back of this telephone can be utilized in scrolling via pictures, menus, lists, and home screens without touching the 3.1-inch HVGA (320×480) screen.

On the proper aspect of the cellphone is a volume rocker, a Micro-USB enlargement port that supports as much as 32GB cards, and a camera positioned on an activation and seize button. The power/lock button may be found on the pinnacle of the phone, alongside with the headphone jack.

The Backflip is operated by a customizable Android 1.5 which includes AT&T Navigator, AT&T Radio, and AT&T Mobile Hotspots. The Android feature has a 5.0-megapixel camera with zoom and flash, 2GB pre-installed reminiscence card and has tremendous get admission to the Motorola Phone Portal which by way of the way, permits you to return up, edit and delete all documents from your pc whilst the telephone is attached to it

The cellphone helps the brand new HSPA 7.2 network that AT&T is setting into the vicinity, in line with Motorola representatives and the cellphone’s spec sheet; the spec sheet says it only works on AT&T’s 3G band, not T-Mobile’s. Other specs include 802.11 b/g Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 2.0, and a 2GB memory card covered with as much as 32GB. MicroSD cards are supported, according to the tool spec sheet. The 2GB memory card enables storage of a limitless range of contacts within the phonebook and limitless calls on its call information, in addition to its image calling alternative.

With its Android running system at the side of Qualcomm MSM 7210 A 528 MHz processor, the connectivity of the Backflip is outstanding in the sense it can browse any form of a website. It comes with EDGE and GPRS for uninterrupted community connectivity in conjunction with the 3G generation. The smartphone’s browser supports HTML and XHTML codecs so net browsing may be easy-cruising. Its Bluetooth 2.Zero characteristic makes statistics and multimedia report-sharing clean. The JAVA and GPS capabilities of the smartphone make it problem-loose in finding any region.

With its MotoBlur software program, it’s far the only telephone where your Facebook updates, Twitter feeds, Google, Yahoo, Exchange, and Picasa contacts and messages are synchronized to the home screen. Motorola Backflip is powered with MotoBlur software program to merge statistics from various email accounts and makes it visibly functional for social networking sites. Motoblur enables the consumer to move contents including updates on RSS newsfeeds right to your private home screen.

Sad to mention, even though this is AT&T’s first Android telephone, the Backflip runs the Motoblur Android which takes on the Android Operating System and shuns the usual, grid-like domestic display screen in want of a gizmo-based user interface. However, these widgets are customizable and characteristic clearly nicely. Browsing the information and weather sites, or search engines and social networking websites is astounding.

The cellphone’s 528-MHz processor receives sluggish because of a handful of widgets functioning simultaneously. Motorola tries difficult to cope with this via presenting a couple of domestic screens, that are reachable thru left-and-right hand whisks, however, there isn’t a lot you could do with a display screen 3.1 inches in length.

Call satisfactory is pretty precise, its audio overall performance is crisp and clean using AT&T provider as the cellphone blocks noise at some stage in talk time. Its speakerphone performance has also appropriate sound satisfactory.

On its five-megapixel digicam, snapshots have a tendency to be murky, even though it has flash and autofocus functions. Watching videos or movie clips is reasonably respectable besides for more than one seconds for some videos to buffer. Its powerful speakers deliver a lot of delight in looking at movies or movies.

Although the Backflip is powered with a 528-MHz Qualcomm MSM7201A processor, it has a tough time preserving up with its overall performance as it lags at times in spite of quite simple responsibilities like having access to email or toggling with the home display screen.

It is quite highly-priced for a telephone with the limited era. However, in case you want your smartphone in general because you need to be constantly linked to social networking websites like Facebook or Twitter, then the Motorola Backflip is a great desire.


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