Official Nokia N97 Review

Over the beyond month I’ve had the pleasure to apply the Nokia N97 as my every day driving force, the tool I use day in and time out. When Nokia first announced the N97 might replace the present N-collection flagship device, the N95, I right away began to reminisce of a time when the N95 was my pass-to tool. Ultimately I left behind my N95 because I truly wanted a tool with a QWERTY keyboard and back to my E90. Without ever trying the N97 I turned into very assured inside the device simply because it packed a complete QWERTY keyboard or even higher specifications than my E90. My time with the N97 has come and long gone and now it’s time to see if the tool has lived as much as the hype and whether or not it vendors the N-collection flagship title with the equal presence because the tool it replaced, the N95.

The N97 is to be had in two colors selections: transition black light and white. With a weight of 150 grams, the device feels light in your fingers but strong enough so one can face up to the day by day wear and tear of being on your pocket and even the occasional drop. The N97 does no longer experience as strong because the N95, however, the sliding mechanism is advanced and also you should no longer revel in any of the hinge related problems are seen on preceding Nokia builds.

Beneath the massive 3.5-inch touchscreen is a three-row QWERTY keyboard and a 4-manner navigation at the left side. When I first began the usage of the bodily keyboard I had some hassle adjusting to the small keys and the location of the space bar on the far proper. I can let you know with absolute certainty that you’ll no longer be breaking any speed data in this keyboard, however, it’s far completely capable of coping with lengthy emails and steamy text messages. I have no hesitations in recommending the Touch Pro2 keyboard over the N97’s keyboard, absolutely positioned the N97’s keyboard is simply too small to compete. However, if you are evaluating the N97’s keyboard to the Motorola Droid you would have a totally close war.

When sliding out the keyboard on the N97, the display tilts at a set attitude of roughly 45 degrees. This is a place of personal choice, however, because I became an HTC Tilt owner at one time I loved the perspective and discovered it ideal for messaging. It could be quality if there was an option to trade the attitude, but considering the fact that I continuously leave my cell phone on my desk next to my pc I liked the constant attitude. I recognize that this might be a deal breaker for some of you accessible, however, I propose giving it a danger for a couple of weeks before you render your verdict.

Carl Zeiss optics have long been the staple of Nokia’s mobile imaging. The N97 takes a web page from the N95’s ebook via using the equal five-megapixel digital camera, however, adds dual LED flash for superior night time photos. On the front of the N97 is QCIF (176 x one hundred forty-four pixels) digital camera for video calls which may be very useful in Europe, but serves no reason here in the U.S.

In a current image shootout I did among the N97, Motorola Droid, and HTC Touch Pro2, the N97 walked away with the contest. This need to stop any speculation as to whether the N97 is a worthy alternative for your factor and shoot digital camera. I propose which you overview the photo gallery on the occasion that you’d like to attract your very own conclusions.

I must point out that the N97 lens cover has been recognized to reason self-inflicted scratches and inside the evaluate unit I obtained from Nokia I can verify the trouble still exists. If you propose on buying the N97 I recommend finding your nearest provider center earlier in an effort to deal with this difficulty in case your unit has the same problem. If you can not find a nearby provider middle just make sure you buy a brand new unit with the trendy production possible.

To help save your 5-megapixel pix Nokia has included 32GB of internal reminiscence and microSD slot capable of studying 16GB cards. The aggregate of internal and upload-on storage is a real bonus you should aspect in when comparing the N97 to other multimedia gadgets. While the iPhone is capped at 32GB until a huge model is launched, the N97 could have a probable 48GB or larger if 32GB microSD guide is brought. If you take your song library on the road, the N97 will not disappoint.

Once you fill up 48GB of song you can start using the integrated song participant on the N97. The song library could be categorized tracks with the aid of artists, albums, genres and composers and you’ve got the potential to create playlists on the cell phone and adjust the sound with the integrated equalizer. Once you run out of recent music to play you may always use the Internet radio app or the integrated FM tuner which both paintings very well. The best real downfall within the local multimedia applications is the RealPlayer. It is time Nokia consists of a higher video participant. 3GPP and MPEG-four help is pleasant, but nowadays we count on greater in a video player and this problem should be addressed inside the Symbian overhaul for 2010.

Applications / OS

As lots as I am partial to Symbian the time has come to replace the User Interface (UI). Thankfully Nokia has heard the Symbian network loud and clean and they will be revamping the whole Symbian UI someday next year. However, for prospective N97 shoppers, this does little or no to clear up the instant troubles of the aging running gadget. On one hand, Symbian offers advanced battery existence, awesome multitasking, and a high-quality application library. Meanwhile, Symbian lacks the polish and fashion located in Android and the iPhone OS, features a sub-par electronic mail revel in and frequently calls for too many layers of menus to get into your favored options.

I realize that all of the downsides I’ve cited to Symbian might be addressed subsequent 12 months, however in the intervening time they continue to be relevant. However, in my view, the battery lifestyles I’ve skilled at the N97 over the past month compared to HTC Touch Pro2 and Motorola Droid has precipitated me to miss the weaknesses inside the OS. Besides the battery existence, the stableness of Symbian is incredible and at the same time as I’ve had to force close many programs in Android and skilled countless lag on Windows Mobile 6.5, Symbian simply cruises alongside. Stability and battery life will always outweigh the fashion and polish discovered in different Operating Systems for me.

The Ovi Store is Nokia’s strategy to RIM’s App World, Apple’s App Store, and Google’s Android Market. The quantity and nice of packages is stunning inside the Ovi Store, but the glaring weak point is the interface. Compared to the Android Market or Apple App Store, I located it in a way more difficult to navigate and ultimately less fun. RIM and Palm’s WebOS are struggling in final area with regards to their application stores. If I had to price the top three app stores I might place Apple’s App Store first, observed by way of Nokia’s Ovi Store and in 0.33 the Android Market.

Screen / Interface

Stepping into the sector of Touchscreen smartphones became a bold pass for Nokia. When the iPhone becomes first launched Nokia did not appear involved with a touch interface and fast disregarded the idea to go back to business as ordinary. Much modified in that point and fortuitously Nokia found out the importance of having more than one interfaces for customers to engage with. Unfortunately, the N97 suffers from a resistive touchscreen which calls for strong touch for the tool to reply. Even though HTC’s Windows Mobile devices have also used resistive touchscreens I discovered the Touch Pro2 to provide a superior enjoy in both accuracy and smooth of use. To Nokia’s credit score the N97 touchscreen is respectable for an organization that is just getting into the touchscreen smartphone marketplace, however, if the device becomes 100% touchscreen without a QWERTY keyboard it might be in the equal scenario because of the authentic BlackBerry Storm.

Beyond the touchscreen components the 3.5-inch 640 x 360-pixel screen is beautiful with 16.7 million colorations. The screen isn’t always the highest decision on the market, however, it is far superior to the iPhone 3GS in phrases of resolution and it made gambling video and surfing the web very enjoyable. Within the ordinary Symbian UI you do not simply word the strength of the excessive-resolution display, but as quickly as you open your first web page in panorama mode you realize it’s splendor.


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