Nokia N93

Nokia N-Series earlier launches gave Nokia N72, Nokia N73, Nokia N92 and then after the successful releases, launched one more handset which was Nokia N93. It is a 3G smart phone with a very sophisticated and sleek appearance. The handset comes in black color with the chrome edges giving it more of a sophisticated look and feel.

The external appearance of the cell has the smart looking keypads with a QVGA Color screen of 2.4 inches in size and supporting almost 256 K colors. The screen can be rotated similar to the Nokia N92 cell phones in four different modes which are imaging mode, view mode, fold open mode and fold closed mode providing more flexibility and convenience to its users. The display quality in this model is superb with the brightness setting controls. Also, the user is able to view the display in a small screen when it is in the closed position.

This phone also has voice recording feature with the facility of voice controlling and Voice Dialing too. It also has the conference call facility available. It also supports features like managing the contacts, calendar, an alarm clock, the feature to keep notes and a calculator and Converter too which are more likely available in all the handsets of N Series.

It has a 3.2 mega pixel camera which gives very fine picture quality. The camera is facilitated by a 20*digital zoom, a built in flash and an auto focus. It also has the feature with which the user can edit the photos with the color tone settings like Normal, Black & white, Sepia and Negative and scene settings like Automatic, User defined, Close Up, Portrait, Landscape & night and also the white balance Settings like Automatic, Sunny, Cloudy, Incandescent and Fluorescent. It also has a second camera which is a CIF type camera which can be used at the time of Video calling and Video conferencing. The handset also has the Direct TV connection and a digital stereo microphone.

We can perform the text messaging, multimedia messaging; send Emails with the help of SMTP, POP3 and IMAP4, picture messaging and instant messaging. One can also send and receive the MMS with the Video clips and sound with images.



It supports the Real Player Media Player with the MP3, AAC, AAC+ and WMA formats along with the Stereo FM Radio. One can download the MP3 and Polyphonic Ring tones on the cell of his choice. The cell provides the connectivity with 3G, Bluetooth, USB 2.0, Edge and Pop port and the network connectivity of Tri Band and WCDMA 2100. We can browse the internet on this handset with the help of Nokia Web Browser with Mini Map and the RSS feeds.

The cell has the talk time of around 5 hours and the stand by time of almost 240 hours. Nokia N93 also facilitates recording, playing and streaming of the video and we can edit the videos too with the help of Adobe Premiere Elements 2.0 software is an inbuilt feature in the phone. With this feature we can capture videos in the different modes.

Overall, it’s a wonderful phone with great looks and functions. It is a 3G phone which provides the user with a faster & multitasking efficient mobile phone features which cannot be overseen by the mobile fans.

Nokia N93 Golf Edition

The Nokia N93 Golf Edition provides the ultimate golfing tool for all enthusiast golfers out there. The overall look, design & built in features are the same as the popular Nokia N93 but the Nokia N93 Golf Edition is a video focused golfing tool which comes in a black colored casing.

The N93 Golf Edition is from the same family as the Nokia N80 Internet Edition, Nokia N70 Music Edition, Nokia N73 Music Edition & the Nokia N91 8GB Music Edition which are all special edition Nokia N Series 3G Smartphones. The Nokia N93 Golf Edition provides the user with DVD quality video recording feature complete with video stabilization. The phone comes with a golf specific viewfinder which allows the user to capture every swing from the correct angle.

The N93 Golf Edition comes with Pro Session Golf software which allows the user to use the built in video feature to record, analyst & compare their swing movements. The user can use the pro Session Golf software to analyst each & every movement they use when taking that all important swing.

The video feature comes with a frame by frame feature which allows the user to view their swing at each frame. The user can take golfing notes about their swing & store them on their mobile handset. The phone comes with golf instructions & model golf swings preinstalled & ready for the user to enjoy. The N93 Golf Edition provides the user with a high quality golf orientated 3G Smartphone which will improve their golfing skills.


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