Mobile Smart Phone, Which One Should I Choose?

I was studying loads of threads about cell telephones on extraordinary boards and sites. Most of the threads are court cases about the choice of smartphone that the thread author selected. To solution those lawsuits, I can sum it up in a single phrase, ‘Requirements’. As a Technology Business Analyst, each time I am asked to improve or enhance a system or function of a software program package, the first aspect I do is accumulate necessities. Requirements are essential to translate what the purchaser or consumer thinks they need into what they really need. This technique can also be used in non-public selections consisting of technology selections inclusive of determining which cellular phone will exceptional fit your desires. To make clear how this manner works, I will use my personal cell telephone desire as an example.

The first factor you need to do is ‘manipulate the Wow thing’. It’s clean to make a bad decision in case you supply into the cool capabilities of a new product, a number of which you can in no way use, whilst giving up capabilities you really need and might use each day. You want to hesitate long sufficient to consider your requirements. The first-class manner to do that is to list your necessities in a spreadsheet. This is your first actual step in the technique.

The first element I did earlier than choosing a phone changed into to listing my requirements. In my case, the primary requirement turned into choosing the company with the best connection energy at both my house and my work area. Not most effective will this decision help to narrow down your selections of telephones due to the fact not all telephones are available in any respect vendors, but it is also one of the maximum essential requirements because what use is a cool smartphone in case you can not make a call or get hold of a call constantly. Depending on in which you live, you can handiest have one preference of a company or you could have many alternatives. So your first requirement, listing all the providers that offer the most desirable service in your region. Now you have got a subset of available phones to compare to your requirements.

Next, start constructing your precise telephone requirements. Be as precise as viable. General or ambiguous necessities are taken into consideration to be no longer legitimate due to the fact they do now not provide you with particular enough data to meet the requirement. An example of this would be a requirement such as ‘the smartphone need to be easy to use’. This isn’t a legitimate requirement due to the fact ‘clean to apply’ may imply something unique for extraordinary customers. So, be specific. Here changed into my list of necessities.

1: Seamless integration with Microsoft Office products that I use on my pc/computing device. What this means is that I must be able to replica an Excel or Word file to my cell phone without conversion and be able to not best read it, however, edit it. Since I use Microsoft products in my paintings day by day, this requirement is very crucial so that I do not should lug my computer to each assembly. I can use my clever cellphone to deliver up records for the meeting or maybe replace files and take notes (using Microsoft OneNote) in the course of the assembly.

All of the capabilities I ignored in my necessities are icing on the cake and no longer taken into consideration genuinely necessities. The subsequent step is to prioritize your necessities via aligning them so as together with your maximum vital requirement first, next important requirement second, etc. In my case, I determined that I routinely listed my necessities via priority, so I could pass this step.

Now that I even have my necessities, I indexed all the telephones that have been to be had on the providers I indexed within the first step wherein I listed the vendors with the quality service in my region. Once you’ve got your listing of telephones, start getting rid of those that don’t meet your first three to five requirements. If you locate that this step gets rid of all the phones, you could have to revisit your necessities as they may be beyond modern-day technical requirements. For instance, if you have a requirement that states ‘the smartphone must be capable of transporting me to work right away’, your requirements are a touch a long way out for the contemporary nation of technology. You might also want to keep this requirement in a separate list called ‘future necessities’ or ‘best to have, but no longer required’.

Once you’ve got removed the phones that do not meet your pinnacle necessities, you need to have a subset that you may now examine more intently to see which one meets a maximum of your requirements. In many cases, you may not discover one that meets all your requirements, so you want to find the one that meets extra of them than every other smartphone. In my case, the HTC HD2 met all of my necessities as visible beneath.

The majority of users that I have seen complain about the HD2 would be happier with their phone choice if they had listed their necessities first. In their case, the HD2 may not have been the suitable desire. This manner works superbly for any selection from shopping for a product like a car or TV to buying a service like coverage. Try it the following time you have got a selection to make. I suppose you may discover that you made a higher choice.


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