Microsoft Update – 5 Reasons to Update Service

Microsoft released Service Pack 2 (SP2) for the Windows XP operating system in August (2004), representing significant improvements in many areas, especially system security. For those still unsure whether to update it, the following five reasons may help make the decision easier.

1. Protects Against Unsafe Attachments / Downloads

Service Pack 2 provides Windows XP with a “Windows Security Center” and other key tools to help protect the user’s system from unsafe attachments and downloads. This protection is one step to preventing viruses and Trojans from slipping into a user’s system and wreaking havoc, which has become an increasing problem in recent years.

Microsoft Update

It does this through warnings in Internet Explorer’s “Information Bar,” which alerts users to potentially unsafe downloads. The suspect content is blocked automatically, and no action is taken until the user manually addresses the warning. Dangerous file attachments are blocked similarly via Internet Explorer and Outlook Express, thus protecting web-based content and items received via email.


Another way it protects from unsafe files is by monitoring the system’s anti-virus software and alerting the user if the system is at risk due to the software being outdated. Although Microsoft does not offer any virus protection, this feature ensures that whatever program the user has decided to use stays current and as effective as possible.

2. Windows Firewall

A software-based firewall is included with Service Pack 2, intended to protect the system from access by unauthorized individuals on the internet or local network. The firewall is activated automatically by Windows, but users have the option to turn it off, as well as to create exceptions to bypass the security in certain situations.

When utilized, the protection is active from startup to shutdown, providing a simple firewall solution to any computer with SP2 installed. Small pop-up-style windows are generated to alert the user of possible attempts to access the system outside and when programs try to go out onto the internet. These pop-ups are approved/denied by the user before anything is allowed to happen and can be done so that a pop-up will appear again the next time this event occurs or so that the pop-up will never appear again for that particular event.

Many users with broadband internet connections have a hardware firewall in their router, but a software firewall such as this is still a good idea. It can protect where the hardware firewall can not and is particularly useful in preventing the system from launching attacks from Trojans that may have slipped in.

3. Internet Pop Up Blocker

With Service Pack 2, Internet Explorer now features an integrated pop-up blocker to help reduce, if not fully eliminate, the presence of those nuisance ads. Configurable from Internet Explorer’s “Tools” tab, users can customize their preferences and even turn the pop-up blocker off. Considering most pop-up blockers require a special toolbar or other application to be installed, this one is extremely convenient and easy to use.

4. Increased Privacy Protection

Your privacy is protected more so than ever with Service Pack 2 in a few different ways. For example, Windows XP with SP2 now applies security settings to further guard your PC and private information against further Internet Explorer exploitation. If items 1, 2, and 3 above weren’t enough, there is more…

Another way your privacy is protected is by Outlook Express blocking images within emails that allow spammers to validate your address. Spammers use photos that are tagged with unique bits of code, and once the URL of the image sent to you is viewed, the spammers know that they have a valid address, which makes that address more susceptible to future spam.

5. Simplified Wireless Networking

The popularity of wireless networking has exploded as the hardware has become increasingly simpler to operate and relatively inexpensive. The way users connect their system to a wireless network has been greatly simplified via enhancements found in SP2. The “Wireless Network Setup Wizard” will lead a user of any expertise through the installation process, and the “Microsoft Broadband Network Utility” will help them monitor and maintain the network just as easily. Application of security settings is the main component of these improvements, ensuring that the user’s system is also protected from this angle of attack.

Final Words

The release of Service Pack 2 for Windows XP brought about many more changes to the operating system than the five listed above, all of which have to be seen as welcome improvements. With a focus on protecting the end user’s computer system and data, there are enough good reasons to persuade a user to take the plunge and let Windows Update install SP2.


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