iYogi Technical Support Detailed Review

I am not a computer geek, and this review is intended for people like me. Many technical support review examples on the web can make you learn, but most of them will not go any deeper than explaining through examples. I recently had to ask for technical support from Yogi for my PC, and my experience wasn’t that bad. I give huge credit to the technician who provided it to me.

Technical Support

Reviewing my experience with iYogi technical support might be worthwhile, too. Their support options can be pretty affordable. Their professional support “list price” is $ 169.99 for one year of remote tech support. My experience doesn’t necessarily represent the support you will get, but you will get an idea of how it works. All I can do is educate people about the help you will get.

I was almost in the middle of important work, and suddenly my computer crashed. Without any notice, I had this weird freezing of my computer. I called iYogi for help a few days back. I went through their website and found it pretty decent to ask for help from them, unlike another technical service provider (I don’t want to take the name, though). The technician was pretty helpful and supportive, too.

Tech support has always been a huge burden for most companies. A mixture of different computers and other things confuses any sharp and talented technician and makes it impossible for them to resolve it. But all you have to do is browse the net for tech support newsgroups. iYogi has many of them, and you can quickly realize that most customers don’t even know how to answer their questions.

Communication with the customers has to be supportive, which you get from iYogi. Technicians usually get carried away with their troubleshooting and sometimes cut off the customers when they speak or neglect their opinion because a user or customer only knows what it’s about. Aside from this, an employee or technician should always be courteous and well-mannered towards many customers because that’s their area. They should also make the customers understand the troubleshooting so that the user gets familiar with it.


A good tech support person has a lot of knowledge and training, and it’s a valuable asset to ask for a good salary.iYogi does a lot to protect that talent and provide the essential and high-quality tech support some people need. To respond to this, iYogi is taking advantage of the fact that there are many iYogi people out there who are ready, willing, and able to help the users. Some of them are the nicely paid tech support people you might talk with on the phone.

Instead of forgetting the websites that helped us out from the soup, I suggest you bookmark them, for issues are always around the corner. iYogi creates a website like a yogi, etc. That makes it possible for customers or users to communicate well and select the right program or plan for themselves.

Since I went for the one-year subscription plan, I soon received a call from a skilled technician over the phone. Though it took time for the technician to understand my problem, I still appreciate that I didn’t get that scripted response that we usually get for another free technical service provider; after talking to those, you feel like banging your head against the wall in frustration. The iYogi technician treated me like a customer but didn’t assume I knew anything. This made it possible to zero in on what to do remarkably quickly. After checking a few possible ways, we set a remote connection to my PC so the technician could work directly on my box. The short version of my story is that using emailed instructions, the technician got to me right after that and made me understand what was causing the problem.

The hardware drivers should be updated regularly. My technician teaches that when the computer cannot find an updated driver, it locks itself up and freezes. It also helps augment the computer’s RAM by increasing the PC’s virtual memory. RAM acts as a buffer to speed up access to your programs and files that are in use. Though all your data is stored on your hard drive, RAM is much faster. Whenever your computer pulls up a file off the hard drive, it loads it into your system RAM to continue to access it faster. The result is a much faster interface with your computer. The more RAM you have, the more programs and files your computer can store in your RAM.

Since this is a virtual Basic site, I won’t mention my PC’s brand name. If you are dying to know, email me. I’ll tell you everything. The technician updated my driver remotely, and I’m up and cranking again on my PC. After my remote session, I went through their website minutely and learned that they have around 95% customer satisfaction. I want to mention what iYogi is good at; employees of iYogi are good at working under supervision or within a team. The technicians have good-natured personalities and generous characters and also help the team morale and teamwork. Personal traits and characteristics can affect an individual’s output and collaboration much more than you can imagine. And they also leave a mark on customers’ minds.

If you roll your eyes towards the back of your head, you will realize you are not alone in complaining about their computer. There is always a tsunami of customers commenting on iYogi’s forum about their technical support. Few are praising, and few are disapproving; maintaining all these by the technician and still giving you satisfactory solutions is an appreciable job.

These guys diagnose the root cause of errors with a device or hardware. If the issue can be resolved by manual resetting, they will guide the customers through the step-by-step process. They wait until the computer is restarted to ensure full resolution of the issue.

After speaking with the technician, I also talked to his supervisor to express how much I appreciated my technician’s work. The technician has this amazing knowledge of the situation; the courtesy and respect he showed and their diligence in resolving my problem were extraordinary and commendable. I truly appreciated working with him; I learned much from them. He was a real trouper, and quitting wasn’t a part of his character. iYogi should be proud to have this staff member on your team and your organization. It was a truly great job.

Getting online computer tech support has various benefits. One is that you save time and get your box fixed as soon as possible. Another advantage is that you get some training on improving the computer issue through their PC tech support guidance. If the same predicament happens again, you will know how to fix it. Thereby saving you the costs of computer repair tech services.

I will also mention it’s amazing to get their 1-year subscription plan from iYogi, for which you have to pay once $169.99, and they provide you with the best technical support free of the cost of a whole year. You have to ensure your computer gets the support maintenance and true tune-up. It needs to perform well.

What best you can get is customized technical support services at the time and place you want and at any time 365 days. With the overall PC troubleshooting (as technicians call it) experience of around a decade, they not only give you a deal on tech support but also familiarize you with the workings of your darling machine.

The community is always willing to lend an extra hand, with discussion boards and Q&A services, forums, and troubleshooting support. It may not be real-time or hands-on, but it is free and instructional.

The bottom line is that, in at least this case, yogi’s official technical support justifies the price mentioned on their site and provides you with the best technical services around the clock.

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