How to Solve Common Home Security Errors

Knowing that you, your loved ones, and your belongings are safe and secure in your home is one of the most important factors in your peace of mind. Though no one would intentionally put their family at risk by making mistakes with home security, a few common errors and oversights can be found in many homes. Thieves and criminals make it their business to look for these weaknesses first when targeting a house. Be sure that your home does not have one of these Achilles’ Heels that could put your home and family in jeopardy,

Important Home Security Tips

~ Never hide keys to your house on the exterior of your home. Thieves will search for hide-a-key rocks, under eaves and overhangs, and beneath the doormat before actually forcing entry, in many cases.

~ Keep home and car doors locked at all times. Even when you are in your home, criminals can be bold. By leaving doors unlocked, you could put your safety at risk.

Home Security

~ Lock up all tools and ladders. Going with these items lying around can be as dangerous as inviting burglars to come on in and help themselves.


~ Don’t keep large amounts of cash and valuables in your home. If a thief were to break in, having these items in the bank or a safe deposit box would prevent large-scale losses and insurance claims.

~ When going away, arrange for mail and paper deliveries to be held until your return or have someone pick them up early. This will minimize the number of people who know that you are out of town.

~ Always turn your home security system on whenever you leave. The alarm system certainly cannot work properly if it is not set, so turn it on, even if you will only be gone for a few minutes.

~ If you return home to find signs of a break-in, do not enter. Remain outside and call 911 for police assistance. Your safety is much more important than the items inside your home.

Keeping your home safe and secure is important, so be sure to check your locks and other home security devices regularly. Finding any weaknesses as soon as possible and correcting any unsafe habits can help protect your home and family from potential harm.

Five Great Reasons You Need a Home Security System

A home security system is a major purchase that should not be taken lightly. While for some people, the decision seems cut and dried, for others, it takes careful consideration and analysis. If you are among those battling to purchase and install a home security system, here are a few great reasons that might make your decision a little easier.

Protection for your valuables – Whether you live in a questionable area with a high crime rate or have any valuables you wish to protect, installing a security system can help prevent break-ins and theft. Even a basic system can be enough to deter many would-be thieves.

Cut insurance costs – Homeowners’ insurance can be costly, especially for those in high-crime areas or with home contents worth a large amount of money. Having the right security measures can reduce homeowners’ insurance premiums, ultimately paying for themselves in the savings over time.

Protect your home and family from disaster – Certain home security products do more than protect your home from criminals and theft. The features of some systems can alert you and necessary authorities to fire or dangerous carbon monoxide levels in your home, potentially saving lives.

O, Assist your family in a medical emergency. This usually requires wearing a panic button but can be very useful for older people or those with serious medical concerns who live alone. Other home security systems have built-in features that alert Emergency Medical Services when medical emergencies occur and you cannot reach the phone.

Give yourself peace of mind – Knowing that your home and family are safe can make installing a home security system worth the effort and expense. Knowing that the extra level of protection you need is in place, ready to alert you to problems or ward off those who wish to harm you, is comforting.

Home security systems are not foolproof, but they are one of the best solutions for protecting your property and family. If you still have questions about whether a home security system can benefit you, contact a professional security company for a consultation. They can help you determine whether you need a plan and which security features best suit your needs.


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