How to Find Old Blogger Blogs

Finding old Blogger blogs is a fantastic way to steal a march on your competition, and let me tell you why. Now and again, Google will delete blogs if they think that blog spammers have created them. Blog spammers are entrepreneurs who use automated software to put hundreds of blogs in a day. Each blog will be filled with AdSense ads, including just one monetization example. Now, if you put up 200 blogger blogs daily for thirty days, you can see how vast your blog empire can grow.

Even if just a handful of people click on your AdSense ads each day, you are making money for nothing, and this is exactly what Google and the other search engines do not like, as it is open exploitation of their searchers. However, in saying that, these Blogger blogs can sneak through the net for quite some time, and it is not uncommon for a blog built this way to attain a good page rank for a particular keyword or phrase. However, once Google deletes this blog, it will stay in Google’s CACHE (search memory) for a short while, sometimes 2 to 4 weeks. If you can find one of these deleted blogs with a good page rank, then there is nothing to stop you from opening up a new Blogger account using the deleted search term name that the blog was built around in the first place.



Let me show you how to do it, using the keyword topic of DOG TRAINING as an example. Go to Google and put in as many dog training-related search terms as possible, keeping an eye out for any 1st-page results, in a Blogger blog. Each time you see one, click the link to see if the blogger’s blog is still there. Chances are it will be there; however, if you find a ‘404 page not found message, then you have hit the jackpot. You just struck gold. Knowing how to find old Blogger blogs can be a superb way to get instant traffic because the blog is most likely still receiving good traffic from search engines purely because the domain still has a good page rank. Now, how about that for one of the best free tips you will ever come across on why and how to find old Blogger blogs and what to do when you see them?


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