How to Chose a Scuba Diving Computer

When deciding on a dive PC, there are more than a few factors you want to consider. Here, I will analyze those factors and how one’s element will affect your diving.

Firstly, an essential issue when it comes to choosing a dive computer is the coloration and the scale of the laptop as everyone knows that Scuba Divers are a vain lot and prefer to be exposed to massive watches and brightly colored equipment – JUST JOKING – (divers have an experience of humor too!)

Right onto the real factors.

First, you need to decide whether or not you need a console-hooked-up PC or a wrist-mounted Dive Computer. Some Dive Computers come with a wristband; however, they can surely be taken out of the wristband and located right into a console so you can alternate the arrangement later. Many computer systems don’t, so you need to make a choice when you buy a PC.


So let’s review a few pros and cons of a wrist setup Dive Computer.

It is a personal choice and may often be determined by what you are used to as a recreational diver. If you are hiring equipment, you may most likely get used to the setup and configuration of the hire device. Consequently, you will tend to make your selection primarily based on that. However, I strongly urge you to remember what type of diving you propose before choosing. By that, I suggest you stay a satisfaction dive, taking clean, amusing dives just for enjoyment, or do you submit becoming a dive expert or a technical diver? Depending on the diving you plan on doing, it must assist you in deciding on what type of dive computer you may choose.

As a Dive Professional, I, in my opinion, prefer a wrist-mounted PC as I generally need my hands to be loose to assist scholar divers. If I even have a diver panic, I want it to manipulate that diver and help manage their consent if they’re seeking to make their way to the floor. By having a wrist hooked up to a PC, I can preserve the scholar and keep my computer at eye level to ensure we are not creating a rapid ascent. However, though I had a console installed, the PC reachable could be tied up, protecting my console as much as eye degree.

If you propose doing technical or deep diving to require deco stops or in case you locate yourself in tight crevices, caves, or swim-throughs, I, in my opinion, assume it is higher to have a wrist set up on the laptop. Again, the truth is that even as you are holding your deco line, you’ve got your Dive Computer at eye level, so it simply takes a look to check your intensity and time instead of holding the deco line and the console. Also, at the same time as in tight areas, you can no longer reach your console, whereas a wrist-hooked-up laptop will be handy constantly.

If you do not plan on becoming a Dive Professional or a Technical Diver, then a console-established Dive Computer can be better. Generally, in pleasant recreational diving, your dive laptop will be used as a timing device to exercise at your tables to keep you secure from staying too long. You will not usually want to test your laptop while making speedy ascents or at first-rate depths. This motive is for your console, out of your manner, and is there for you to test on it occasionally throughout your dive, simply as you do your air. The different benefit of having a computer on your console is that it will continually be a part of your dive equipment. Hence, while you % for a dive, you understand that if you have your regulator installed in your dive bag, your computer is there too, unlike a wrist-mounted laptop that can be left without difficulty when you cross-diving. So once more, a console setup diver PC provides loads of experience for recreational functions.

Also, as you might not be managing panicked divers or decompression stops, you may now want to reveal your dive PC on each ascent as you become used to making a slow ascent yourself.

These are the two essential elements you need to recall. However, as I referred to earlier, you should plan for the future and consider that if you plan on diving with Nitrox, you’ll want a Nitrox-suited PC to keep you secure during your dives.

You can also get air-included dive computers to preserve the music of your air in addition to your intensity and times, casting off one greater Dive Gauge on your console. You would select a computer like this if you need to move line your drive device, and you are cozy with using a laptop-based era to screen your air supply even as on a dive.

If you are interested in streamlining your Dive Equipment, you could get air-incorporated hoseless wrist-installed Dive Computers which have a transmitter connected to your first stage regulator in place of a hose, allowing you to cast off any Dive Gauge Console completely. Again, you must be cozy using era to display your air supply – this time without a hose. These computer systems are excellent for streamlining your system as we all realize how cumbersome your dive tools may be.

In addition to all the above, you need to consider capability and features, including whether the computer has light or audio alarms. Can it be downloaded onto a laptop to log your dives online?


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