Future Careers to Share with Your Kids

The world has always been accelerating towards more automated jobs, especially the tedious ones, but the COVID-19 crisis has sped this up even further. With social distancing guidelines and a push for minimal contact, there will be more demand for technological innovation for different industries, changing the world further.

Despite concerns that automation might reduce the number of jobs or cause mass employment, technology can create even more job opportunities. New technologies can provide people with new avenues for all kinds of work.

While being good parents means we shouldn’t force our kids to go into specific industries, it’s our responsibility to open up opportunities to explore what they can be interested in and what might benefit them in the future. Here are examples of careers that our children would be smart to study.

The digital content creator or specialist

The internet has democratized entertainment and marketing for good. When television and radio networks had a monopoly over entertainment and content that could reach the masses, the internet now allows anyone and everyone to release their content into the public sphere. Since the world continues to move toward digital media and everyone is constantly connected to all sources of information and entertainment we want to consume, there will always be a demand for fresh content that can break the mold. People wanting to enter this industry must be well-versed in digital marketing, multimedia and digital arts, and writing.

Computer systems analyst

Getting a degree in computer science and related fields will always be a smart option because technology will only grow more complex and will forever be intrinsically linked with everything in our lives. There will always be a demand for a computer engineer, a computer builder, and a system analyst who can potentially help build, choose, and implement the best software and hardware for artificially intelligent machines.

Biomedical engineer

Experts warn that COVID-19 will not be the last pandemic. As time goes on, as more extinctions and deforestation occur, more diseases from wildlife will spill over into humans. The healthcare sector always needs to be revolutionized and needs to get into all kinds of cutting-edge research and development. Biomedical engineers can create devices and tools that can potentially mitigate serious health crises like COVID-19 in the future.

Blockchain developer

Bitcoin, a cryptocurrency that can be sent from peer-to-peer without intermediaries, has been touted by financial analysts as a possible foundation of future currency. Experts predict that blockchain technology will become just as paradigm-shifting as the internet, and that’s why there will be a demand for professionals who know how to develop practical products and services for blockchain technology that will be in order.

Smart building experts and technicians

In the future, most of the world might adopt smart buildings—structures that use automation technology to control various building systems such as heating, lighting, security, ventilation, and air conditioning. Smart buildings are convenient for users and can help combat climate change as they are designed to reduce energy use. There will be a demand for qualified and trained people to upgrade, install, repair, and maintain these systems in the future.

Urban agriculture specialist

The National Intelligence Council reports that the earth’s population grows by about seven cities the size of Chicago each year. The strain on our natural resources will also increase as humanity’s population grows. Many of society’s industrial farming practices are harmful to our environment. To be sustainable, we must develop our products using sophisticated hydroponics and farming methods. When urban dwellers realize their survival depends on increasing local food, urban farmers will demand urban farmers who care about the planet and help save it.

Nurse practitioner

COVID-19 has been a bane in healthcare industries all over the world. The International Council of Nurses reported that the global shortage of nurses is estimated at 5.9 million. If COVID-19 isn’t the last pandemic in our lifetime, we need all the healthcare workers we can get. Nurse practitioners who are qualified, trained, and licensed can help shape the future of healthcare as they prove their effectiveness in delivering high-quality healthcare services.

Careers of the Future

There will be no shortage of fulfilling and lucrative careers for our kids in the future. We only need to encourage, support, and steer them in the right direction, but it will still be their decision at the end of the day. They must open their eyes to the world’s needs and work from there.


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