Electronic Gadgets Ideas For the Holiday Season

This is the season to be jolly, but I do not think you will be waiting for good old Santa to deliver the goods. Buying gifts this time of year can be daunting for many, especially those who wait until the last minute. As in all things, sometimes focusing on particular ideas might be the only way to save yourself all the hassle of looking for the best fit for the people on your gift list.

With technological advances, electronic goods are getting much more affordable, smaller, and portable than their predecessors, say, ten years ago. These gadgets are also imbued with lots of functionality, extending their usability and lifespan.

So, if you find yourself in a bind and cannot seem to think of something else, do not hesitate to go with electronic gadgets. Most of your giftees will love them, and you will notice that the rate of returns will be quite low. Some useful gadgets I have come across during my research are listed below for your browsing comfort.

Electronic Gadgets

Most computers read on the move, heaving with heavy tomes that are sometimes very uncomfortable. Reading on the move is a habit many find very productive, entertaining, and educative. If you have an avid reader on your gift list, try this season’s most sought-after electronic gadget – the portable electronic reader. This gadget is sold in many forms by many companies, but the one currently in the news is the wireless Daily Edition by Sony. However, you must be on the waiting list as demand for this gadget already exceeds demand. Not to despair. However, similar readers like the Kindle by Amazon and a brand by Barnes and Noble can be found on their respective websites.


Whether out on the town or just hanging with friends, the Zi8 Pocket Video Camera captures every experience in stunning 1080p HD video. Stay in focus while you’re on the move with integrated image stabilization. Then kick back and watch all the action on your HDTV or share your scene on Facebook or YouTube with a flick of the built-in USB arm. The Zi8 has all you need to define yourself in high definition. This is truly a hobby videographer’s dream come true. You can get it for yourself or the video buff on your list.

Remote controls come in all forms and sizes for the couch potatoes on your list. This is the holiday season, and of course, you are looking for something extraordinary as a gift, not just your everyday gadget. That is where the Logitech Harmony 550 comes in handy. This is an intuitive gadget. You do not have to be an Einstein to operate. It is programmed to recognize and program virtually whatever you throw at it. So, all you have to do is relax and be the best couch potato you choose.

Data and identity theft are pervasive problems these days. Even well-secured corporate accounts are hacked into and ransacked by unscrupulous elements. One way to protect yourself is to use portable devices for your most sensitive computing. Of course, there are many portable devices on the market. The storage space on many of these devices cannot compete with the Transcend StoreJet Mobile Hard Drive, TS500GSJ25M-R, which has 500GB of storage space and fits in your purse. It comes in various colors and is a perfect match for the security-conscious.

My final recommendation is the Samsung DualView Camera with a 1.5 front LCD screen – a revolutionary feature in the industry- that lets you take part in capturing the moment like never before. The Samsung DualView Camera enables you to see every scene in a completely new and exciting way. Just use the front LCD screen and set up the perfect shot with you in it time after time. A host of top-ranked features and technologies, from the 4.6x / 27mm Schneider lens to the 3″ Touch Screen with “haptic” technology, turns this camera into a true must-have. And the small, handheld size makes it easy to take it anywhere. At the going price, the DualView is the most affordable thin digital camera that will fit right in your purse or pocket for the occasional or unexpected snap.

While buying your electronic gifts, remember to recycle what you are replacing to protect our environment. Tons of electronic gadgets in our dumps are a source of mercury and other destructive materials that seep into the earth, creating a lot of potential damage. Many companies, such as HP, Target, and others, will help you recycle your used gadgets for free. Of course, you can always give them away to charity if they are still functioning.


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