Can You Still Make Internet Income?

Once again, with the changes within Google, we have had a wave of devastating forecasts from scaremongers and doom-and-gloom merchants predicting the end of internet marketing and the inability to make any internet income. It seems that every few months over the last decade, someone else comes to the fore carrying the banner of the deprived internet marketer proclaiming that some particular method of making money online is dead or dying.

Internet Income

The strange thing is there are still masses of people dedicating their time to making a living online and not reading or writing about it, knowing that being in the internet marketing part of this big industry is a great place to be. They are achieving a respectable income, too.

This article will discuss whether making real internet income is still possible.

Is it still possible to make a living online?

If you step back and look at the big picture, you will see the World Wide Web is constantly in flux; it has been and still is ever-changing. So, we find conducting business online is also changing; what worked brilliantly yesterday may not work at all today.


Have a look back at 2002 or 2003, for instance. AdSense websites were all over the place; many people were making money hand over fist by taking a nice article, creating thousands of pages for their site, taking keywords scraped from search engine listings, and surrounding the whole area with AdSense.

It was great at the time and lasted a couple of years, as Google had no way of telling which sites were rubbish and which weren’t, so they sent the traffic anyway.

Some well-financed people made what would be considered fortunes to the average marketer just from the clicks on the ads generated from all the free traffic. When the wiz kids at Google saw what was going on, they screamed scam and immediately went to work and found a way to block the offending sites.

Virtually overnight, many owners of AdSense websites saw their internet income plummet by 95% or more. True to form, the deprived marketer’s banner was lifted again, and articles appeared saying internet marketing had died.

Of course, it hadn’t; just one less than the genuine and legitimate method of earning money online was consigned to the World Wide Web’s recycle bin, but the concept of making internet income was still alive and kicking.

The few people who built their website with common sense, filling pages with rich content and using white hat principles, not like those using scraped and automated sites, are still out there earning from AdSense and have been for years after the ‘fly by nights’ have been long forgotten, as they went on to the next big thing “making large amounts of money from unfathomable levels of traffic,” which was Article Marketing.

You will remember the article Marketing Rage if you have been around for some time. The duckers and divers quickly found that Google was not concerned about the length of an article; it could be 100 words or 2000 words. It just had to be keyword-rich.

So, if you remember or weren’t around, I’m sure you can imagine what sort of articles were being offered up and submitted. Yes, that’s right- the short, wishy-washy, poor-information ones.

Now, with Google once again changing their algorithm and making a stand by weeding out this scantily compiled bum fodder, we see the deprived internet marketer’s banner being lifted once again and hear the desperate cries and wails that article marketing is dead and works no more, article marketing as a traffic generator is finished.

No, it isn’t. If you are around long enough on the internet, you will experience change. Bad article marketing is finished, and may I say for the good of us all, as we can benefit from the change.

As with anything online, these changes or shifts are rather frequent, due in no small part to the passionate, make-a-million-today operators constantly trying to come up with new ideas. As we know, the internet has a herd mentality, and thousands of internet marketers rush to copy any idea they think will make money instantly, just like so many sheep.

So we find the internet saturated with copies and badly thought out strategies applied to the new idea. Unfortunately, most of these brilliant new strategies involve gaming the search engines, and once again, we find the search engines filtering out all that rubbish.

Followed closely by much wailing and banner-flying of the me-too boys who have been piling into the latest money-making scam.

If only they’d realized it is far better to plod along with good, old-fashioned, tried-and-tested methods. Sure, it’s not the latest thing, but for creating an internet income, it works year in and year out.

The bottom line is that Internet marketing and the ability to make internet income are here to stay. If anything, as the world’s total number of internet users as of December 31st, 2011, is a staggering 20112,267,233,742 and growing, it can only get bigger and better each year.

For some of those who wish to jump on the latest and greatest scam idea or the latest trend, if lady luck is with them, they may make a return for a short time. But they inevitably will find that they must reinvent themselves as their internet marketing brand will keep dying.

But for those marketers that adopt common-sense website building with white hat techniques and understand that good content and honest business practices combined with high ethics will be the only ones around long enough to build a sustainable online business.

The World Wide Web is growing bigger and bigger as we speak. Internet Marketing is not dead but very much alive and is more capable than ever of giving anybody with the determination to succeed and the willingness to work hard an internet income.


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