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If you use the popular blogging website, you may have wondered if there was a way to “dress up” your blog with a new template. If this is you, then Google’s got some good news! Their new Blogger template designer is now available to everyone by default, and the best part of it is that you don’t have to know any HTML or CSS code to use it. If you’ve logged into Blogger lately, you’ll notice that you now have a new window announcing the new template designer. Once you log in, click the “Try it now” button if you see this window. If you don’t, here’s how to get to it to test some new designs yourself: Log in to your account at Go to the “Design” menu. Select “Template Designer,” the last item on this menu. On the left, you’ll notice four different links you can click. These are:



Templates Background Layout Advanced The first thing you’ll want to choose is a design from the boxes on your right. These are entitled:

  • Simple
  • Picture Window
  • Awesome Inc.
  • Watermark
  • and Ethereal

Notice that as you click on each of these designs, you’ll see a preview of that design with your current blog in the window just below these selections. Each of these designs listed above will have additional pieces you can preview. For instance, if you click on the “Picture Window” selection, you’ll see three options within this main template selection.

Just keep clicking through the designs until you find one you like. Once you’ve chosen your plan, click the left link. Note, however, that not all template selections will have additional options. For instance, if you choose “Picture Window” and then click “Background” from the menu on the left, you can select a different color theme for your blog.

But here’s something you might not know. If you choose a template that allows you to change the background, you’ll see a small arrow next to the picture displayed just underneath the heading “Background Image.” If you click on this arrow, a new window will pop up, allowing you to choose from multiple backgrounds for your blog. They’re even organized by the type of images they are, with a menu on the left.

You can even choose the layout you’d like and drill down even further to change the design of your footer and the width of your blog, which can be extremely helpful if you intend to place lots of images on the left and right-hand margins. This width adjustment allows for a larger text area to make your blog easier to read.

Finally, if you’re up for it, there’s an “Advanced” link. This will let you change lots of fine details about your blog, such as the font that you’re using for the title, the color of that font, how you want your links to display, what you want the backgrounds of your tabs to look like, and so much more! The nice thing about each of these advanced details that you can change is that the color selections you’re given all correspond with and work well with your chosen template design. This way, you won’t accidentally have red text on a pink background or something that may not look professional.

All in all, these new designs are welcome changes for Blogger fans. New templates have been a long time coming for this popular and free program, and to be quite honest, the new designs are fun to play around with as well! When you have a few extra minutes, I suggest you test these new templates and see what strategies you can develop. Kristine Wirth is a full-time Internet Marketer who began her career creating websites in 1996. She has helped thousands of people understand how to build websites, use social media tools, and get their heads around difficult concepts such as affiliate marketing and SEO so that they can grow a successful online business.


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