Band Website Templates

An essential element in becoming successful in new music in the present day is using the net properly. And by properly, I am talking about developing a definitive web existence, given that a lot more people live online (smartphones, iPhones, FB and Twitter accounts, etc.).

Website Templates

The most significant thing you, as a band member or just about any musician, can do is develop a well-made, eye-catching web page. Your internet site stands out as the converging place of your online presence, and it really is the place others will see your music and songs and your image; it is where you should grow your group of fans and be where you can make money using your music.

Rather than creating a site from scratch, costing hundreds, or even 1000s of dollars for the layout and coding, perhaps you should decide on a set-to-go solution.

Conducting a quick search for band website templates gives you various prebuilt web templates from which to select. Although not all are great, there are a few that could skyrocket your web presence. You will not need to learn elaborate programming languages either because these band web themes operate using WordPress or perhaps Joomla, which are platforms that will make supervising sites a piece of cake.

You’ll need to be cautious to pick out a theme that will fulfill all of your increasing necessities. The following are the most crucial elements you should seek out:



It doesn’t matter if you are a musician or an orchestra; you’ve got albums where you present your music. Your website ought to help make the delivery of your albums simple for you and eye-catching for the website viewers. If the band website template you are looking at does not make this possible, go somewhere else.

Adding new CDs and music on your site should be straightforward, and make certain the template also has a music player integrated.

Album Sales

Just what is the smartest way your band can start earning money? Marketing your music, of course! You could obviously market your music files on iTunes or the Amazon marketplace, but this would set you back considerable money due to the third party’s commission fees.

The best band website templates enable you to market your music on the website. Therefore you receive 100% of your revenue by selling your band’s music and songs directly from your website, round the clock, seven days per week, all automatically. The transaction processor company also happens to be important. You will want to be sure your visitors will have the ability to make their purchases with all major bank cards.

Your site visitors will want to listen to your music tracks before making a purchase, so make sure your music band site template has an option to have the ability to play your audio files.

Concert Calendar

Would you like to let your website visitors know when you guys will be giving concerts? Then, you will want some gig managing plugins on the internet site.

Your website will need to show several details of all of your concerts, for example, the place, time, date, etc. A map of the concert venue is also an added plus, one which your fans will love. Presenting the list of your gigs is also important and giving your fans a place to talk about your past concerts.

Social Media, Facebook, iTunes, Myspace, Napster, etc.

Social networks, for instance, Facebook and Flickr, have got a powerful influence on the net at present and cannot be forgotten about. Look for a word press band template that uses social networking in several ways. For instance, Facebook Like and Share and Twitter Tweet buttons should really be added to every page of your website automatically so that your site visitors may easily share your site with others.

There are many places online where you can submit things concerning your music group, for instance, Twitter, iTunes, Myspace, Linked In, etc. Being able to link to those out of your site, plus letting your visitors be aware of those profiles, is certainly a serious plus.

Eye-catching Design and Style

Your group’s internet site has to be eye-catching; I think you can all agree with this. This is incredibly important for the success of any internet site online, not just band websites.

When shopping for the site template, ensure the style is everything you expect it to be. Do not be satisfied with second bests. When it is not really all that good, search elsewhere until you eventually find the appropriate style and design. You will want to make certain you’ll be able to customize the design also by being able to add your band’s custom logo design, for instance. Furthermore, it is a good idea to buy a web theme where you can select from various styles and design options.

Content Control

You’re a musician and performer, not a coder. You don’t want to learn HTML code and CSS, so that you will want a band website theme built on established content management systems, like WordPress. WordPress helps make publishing new pages and posts on the website incredibly swift and effortless, beyond the management of old posts.


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