5 of the Best Tools to Monitor Your Online Reputation

Consumers are always looking for opinions from other people before using products or services from online businesses, which is why online reviews are so important today. Therefore, it is critical to know how it is being discussed online to gauge its reputation and improve on certain areas as necessary. Having a good online review management strategy is one of the most important marketing pieces, as it helps businesses optimize their brand messaging and maintain a good brand image.

The top tools businesses should consider managing their online reputation include the following:

Online Reputation


This is probably the best tool any business should use to monitor and protect its reputation. The software is designed for review tracking, specifically helping businesses locate and monitor reviews all over the internet. Businesses that value Facebook, TripAdvisor, and Yelp, would particularly find this tool useful.

Reputology is different from many similar tools because it is location-specific, making it perfect for brick-and-mortar stores. Any business person owning multiple shops is offered the chance to monitor each shop location individually and compare reviews for each one of them online. If there are huge discrepancies, the information will help them drill down on the reviews to understand what’s leading to the difference.


This tool helps businesses know what their customers and other internet users are saying about them. The best part is that it doesn’t just provide real-time information but historical information. That means being privy to past mentions before using sentient.

The tool provides businesses the ability to track social profiles, brand mentions, or other desired keywords. Since this can lead to loads of overwhelming information, SentiOne provides the chance to filter the tracked keywords.

Google Alerts

When it comes to offering free marketing tools, there’s no doubt that Google is a force to reckon with. Google offers a simple way to monitor a brand. It simply involves entering the company name pretty much the same way any company owner would enter the terms in their niche to get more targeted alerts. The business then receives email notification of its mentions through the giant’s database, of course, based on its preferences, as they happen.

The Brand Grader

This tool makes online review management easy and fast because it lets brands view their online presence in seconds. All a brand would need to do is select the product or company they’re interested in to start seeing where the chunk of their mentions is coming from, as well as the blogs and news sites that are talking about them and how people are speaking about them- to say the least. While the tool is not designed to be very comprehensive, it is quite effective and easy to use for someone who wants a general feel for their reputation. More precisely, it is great for understanding some of the things the brand is doing well in and those that aren’t working.


This is one of the best tools any business can use to monitor its reputation on social media. The tool achieves this because of the several efficient features it possesses for that purpose. The software provides complete monitoring of social media sites, news sites, trend insights, influence scoring, and keyword discovery. Granted, it allows businesses offering social media monitoring to their clients as part of their services to customize their dashboard with their own URL, logo, and colors.


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